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  1. I HATE that political, discourse has gotten to this point. Mme Ginsberg is a person worthy of respect, whether ya agreded white her or not,
  2. Please dot take offense in my hope that you’re wrong.
  3. Thanks, sir, but I’ve got enough happening In real life to not worry about what happens in here. I sincerely hope that nobody ever has to prepare their kid to die. It’s a terrible resonsibility - and it really focuses ya on what matters and what doesn’t. here’s a thought - instead of expending effort to achieve political points? Maybe y’all oughta harness the incredible intelligence, talent, ability, connections and knowledge that are represented among the posters here to do something good. Look at what we did for the Dinius case - y’all are incredibly intelligent, knowledgeable,
  4. Thanks Ben - but after the wine bottle is empty tonight? I’m done. Too much happening for real to deal with the contrived BS in here. Please allow me to share that I appreciate your perspectives, your demeanor, and the way you supported your views,
  5. Sorry stupid fugger - he had a chance to take the high road - and intentionally dove into the ditch instead. I hope I get a chance to kick him in the ass before he dies,
  6. damn - it sure didn’t take long to reinforce that my decision to leave this place was the right one - so much hateful ignorance. Y’all have fun with that, but, think about what the logical outcome of your behavior will be. anyone who wants to take shots? PM me - I’ll leave notifications on for a week.
  7. I just heard - I’m done with most of the people and the hatefulness in here, but wanted to pipe in to say that I recognize and appreciate Mme Ginsberg’s propriety, decorum, and dedication to the rule and intent of law. Anyone who focuses on the politicization of her passing instead of her accomplishments has defined themselves as unworthy of serious consideration.
  8. Id humbly suggest that you crawl under a rock a d decide which reality you tho kn k might have a chance at bringing about your goal.
  9. None of that means you shoumf speak I'll of the dead. By all accounts, he was a good guy.
  10. How many in here decide how to respond to an opinion based upon their political estimation of the person instead of considering what was actually said?
  11. Dude- poor taste - his brother doesn't deserve the same castigation that his brother does. You're better than that- exhibit some decency!
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