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  1. Might that be why it's for sale again?
  2. Sunlight helps a lot, either hoisted in a calm or spread out on the lawn or driveway.
  3. We were there in May, it was weird because of the scarcity of boats and people out and about. For instance, we went to Pirates and the Willy T and were the only ones there , outnumbered by the staff. Only one other group of people at the Baths. I don't think you'll have that problem because it's much easier to get there now. We had half a dozen brain scrapes, I mean covid tests, and a tenuous travel portal. You'll only need 2 tests and no portal if you're vaxed.
  4. Cool movie I can still hear the theme music
  5. Look closely at the lady second from the left, helping to guarantee a captive audience
  6. Go immediately to the corner market, buy lottery tickets, 'cause this is your lucky day!
  7. I am sure we can all agree, and by we I mean all of us arm chair volcanologists and geologists who can pontificate without reservation nor ramification, that this current event is going to reduce any built up pressure below ground, like so many small earthquakes reduce the likelyhood of "the big one" in SoCal earthquake events. Discuss
  8. Dahhh, foiled again by that pesky basic boating etiquette!
  9. Hey now, it's a great state to be an employee in. Don't be an employer nor an entrepreneur.
  10. C-22? Cheap and you can race one design if you choose. Parts and community support readily available.
  11. It must suck to see "as is" in an ad for a boat you put your heart into
  12. If these guys with the big bucks were misers, that would suck. They spend, jobs are created, money changes hands, job multipliers come in to play, and some really bitchin boats - going back to America - we get to slobber over.
  13. Oh ya, do this Boxing Day start
  14. If he hadn't backed off that hot lap at the end, then for sure
  15. It's going to be a lot of fun watching Max, Lando, George and Charles in the coming years- good natured good drivers good personalities
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