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  1. A tip of the hat to Scott: H - HATING ITS WAY UPWIND
  2. I think it goes without saying: R - RUM T - TEQUILLA
  3. Using the incredible brain trust we have available to the collective us, how about our own radio lingo: I'll start it off with C - COCKAMAMIE
  4. "Blackfin defeats Windward Passage..." but, oh to see those yachts recreated now
  5. Agree, it's an accident waiting to happen, and as mariners we are duty bound to render assistance if we're in the vicinity. Dont get too close or the superstructure and rig right out of "Shogun" will take you out when it invariably rolls
  6. Good movie, Jim Carrey's best actual acting, he did a good job.
  7. Found it 37.19594365022674, -8.601391429230823 Thanks Google Maps
  8. During the tv broadcast of qualifying, they showed an estate with a huge soccer field with the images of Hamilton and Senna painted on it - anyone know where that is? They had a tennis court paired up with some kind of sporting green with what appeared to be 4 "trees" on it - anyone? Cool 2-level pool with a slide btw, and some kind of garden with a winding grass path - not sure...aaanyway, sorry for the thread drift
  9. Used to be the Double decker taco supreme at Taco Bell, refried beans between the tortillas- goood
  10. I find the teachings of the Getta BiggerHammer School of Mechanical Engineering come in handy for these sorts of issues, and the default Control Alt Delete for anything with an electronic brain!
  11. Water will make its way into any boat to a certain extent, especially at sea, but aren't we kind of hashing out getting pissed that the soaking-wet cat that brought a rattlesnake in the house is dripping water on the floor? THERE'S A RATTLESNAKE IN THE HOUSE! In-mast roller furling main-type rattlesnake in the house. Prolly gonna bite on a lee shore
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