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  1. I find the teachings of the Getta BiggerHammer School of Mechanical Engineering come in handy for these sorts of issues, and the default Control Alt Delete for anything with an electronic brain!
  2. Water will make its way into any boat to a certain extent, especially at sea, but aren't we kind of hashing out getting pissed that the soaking-wet cat that brought a rattlesnake in the house is dripping water on the floor? THERE'S A RATTLESNAKE IN THE HOUSE! In-mast roller furling main-type rattlesnake in the house. Prolly gonna bite on a lee shore
  3. Seems like it would be best to put the money into headsails
  4. Again I say, so many incredible talents, and so many loyal fans who hold these talents close to their hearts and defend them vigorously on these boards, because the songs touched them deep in their hearts and souls back in the day, and now they think back with warm hearts and happy memories of youth and unbridled promise, and now they are left to relive those days with sentimental vigor, so I strive to again lighten the mood in the spirit of mirth and good humor, my past attempt having fallen on deaf ears with no love expressed, I again submit for your consideration: "Turkey for you, turk
  5. There are so many amazing talents listed here, I say Bravo to all! May I ad a talent from more recent times: "Turkey for the girls and turkey for the boys My favorite kind of pants are corduroys Gobble gobble goo and gobble gobble gickel I wish turkey only cost a nickel" - Adam Sandler
  6. They were talking all race long about an expected left shift. In that case you don't need to take a flier but just be to the left of your competition, which LR did.
  7. "It's never like this here" is ringing in my ears, a phrase I have used like probably everyone
  8. OK here's the plan, fellow SA Syndicate members: Looks like it floats deep given the waterline (as Sailon said, heavy), lets pull that diesel and put an outboard motor mount on the stern, couple of weekends involving elbow grease and epoxy, and take it to a light air venue
  9. Alllllright, alright, time to get back to the subject boys, thread drift aside everybody. Breeze, current, weather for today? Predictions on R1 outcome? Who's the strongest in the pre start since that has proven the most important factor (aside from staying on the foils in light air) much like college sailing.
  10. I'd like to see a return to J boats as there would be numerous super yacht types that would pony up for a new take on such a classic with a post race life. RULE NUMBER ONE WOULD BE: RACE IN A VENUE THAT HAS BREEZE AND WAVES!
  11. When I was racing formula cars we did mental exercises to practice procedures for when one might be involved in a wreck: elbows in, stamp on brakes, fire extinguisher system, kill switch, belt release, get out - so they were automatic when the shit hit the fan. My driving mentor told me a story about when he was driving a big American 60s sedan, bench seat, along that rolly 2 lane highway out of Palmdale, Ca, if you know the road you can't see 100 yards from crest to crest, it's like big waves, he topped a ridge and there was a head on wreck directly in his path. He had no time to react
  12. This thread is so cool, a lot of food for thought Mark Twain: "Whiskey's for drinking, water's for fighting "
  13. Or, "Its ok, I know the owner" -tip of the cap to SNL
  14. "Just a little lake across the Alabama line But I was king of the ocean When daddy let me Drive" Alan Jackson
  15. If this song doesn't make you well up, you might have been hatched
  16. "Maybe Tomorrow A Bullet Will Find Me Tonight Nothing's Worse Than This Pain In My Heart" Marty Robbins
  17. I don't know, but the visual signals govern, like when the Italians flicked their cigs from the rail meant they were about to tack in San Diego in '92
  18. Old-ish salts need not apply, 35 and under
  19. You can do the 4 day quarantine on the boat in any of about 10 anchorages, and sail amongst the islands during the day. Local restaurants deliver food to the boat as well as ice, you can snorkel near the boat and go ashore on some select beaches. Check http://www.traveltalkonline.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/247644/bvi-day-5-quick-update.html#Post247644 and forum for trip reports.
  20. I was wondering about this too, when Ineos jumped out of the water in the pre start, they'd just passed through the windshadow of LR
  21. Dang nam it do I have to read all this? Cut to the chase: is this going to mean a return to the value of SKILL? Such as coastal piloting and celestial navigation? Now I wonder if I can find an operable RDF at some garage sale...
  22. The commentators get fired up on the rare occasion that the race is close and a tacking duel ensues, because it's the exception and not the rule....friggin' water skeeters
  23. Chris Stapleton is mui bruno Saw him on SNL a while back, gotta see him in concert!
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