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  1. it changes the trim profile of the sail in the absence of adjustable leads... top hole rounds the foot and tightens the leech, bottom hole flattens the foot and twists off the leech and the three in between are lesser degrees of each... the middle hole is “base”.
  2. I’ve had every mfg’s gear and I cannot speak highly enough of Zhik isotek2 kit. it’s hands down the best all around gear I’ve ever had- light, dry, breathable and full of ergonomic details. I love it. I switched from musto to Zhik 7 yes ago and they rock. Customer service is second to none.. they’re worth a look...
  3. You did well mate, I was a couple hundred places behind you... you were top 30 for a while before the fuckening... bold move to stay east, I was sure you’d get fucked but you made it thru that hole okay... I managed 567th... lost it on the first gybe, I was impatient and went a tad too early and it cost me about 5 miles.
  4. It’s a temp rig used to get the boat from Tortola to Annapolis. The boat had a cell phone tower fall on it.
  5. USA190520


    That only pertains to women who sail with all female crew. Since Aly’s team is coed, she’s scored in the open rankings.
  6. Hi USA190520

    I see you posted previously on stuck spinnaker pole .. in your reply you mentioned bearings....

    where are the bearings attached to the inner pole... I posted a picture of the bushing of the inner pole ... on the Sporting Forum..  any thoughts would be appreciated...




    1. gjbike


      If I did it was in error. There is only that black bushing. Typhoon Harry had same issue and he received a replacement bushing form Fareast that was smaller. I simply ground my down- first with heavy duty metal grinder using very course abrasive sanding wheel then with my rotary sander using 40-80-120 grit to smooth it out. You can pull back and forth on the retrieval line to see if it is free. 

  7. USA190520


    Why did the partially blind man fall into a well? he didn’t see that well
  8. My buddy and had a thing- if I fouled him- he punched me and vise versa- it was hilarious- one good thump to the arm and it was over- because, as you said, they’re toys and it’s for fun- other penalties included drinks, bottles of rum, dinners, etc... we still laugh about it years afterwards....
  9. Zhik kit is absolutely awesome- second onlybto their customer service- everything I own of theirs is kick ass, the isotak 2 line is the best gear I’ve ever had, lightweight, durable, ergonomic, fully adjustable, well thought out gear- I’d have no issues dropping a grand on this smock because I trust it’ll work better than expected and if it somehow fails, the folks at zhik will make it right
  10. USA190520


    My mother was a holocaust denier... for years she wouldn't accept it happened, one night we sat down and showed her countless hours of documentary and historical evidence... she still doesn't believe it happened..... just the one time.
  11. USA190520


    So while walking to the store today I can across a baby who was locked in a hot car.....so....it was a good day...
  12. hey flights to newport are just a PM away... so long as i am already going there that weekend. Should have planned to fly to charleston but decided on the metal tube of hell for no good reason... My next tube ride is in a few days, bwi to the bvi's. Then, after a 1200mile delivery I get to come home do laundry and head to Charleston- probably by car... I'm all for teleportation. Seriously science- get your fucking shit together!
  13. awesome! I'll be thinking of that as I hyperextend my knees and dislocate my shoulders to squeeze between the planetary girth on either side of me while attempting not to breathe in the uncovered cough from the snot bubbling screaming toddler hanging on my seat back... the part about accessibility will no doubt calm me out of bludgeoning every living creature on board with a broken tray table.... "Under your seat you'll find....your bloody skull!"
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