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  1. Oui! Guy parle français mais il préfère ne le parler qu'aux femmes.
  2. That is not Guy. That is Guy's brother Lyndon. Guy thinks he is a bit of a leftist salopard.
  3. Never! Guy could never be mistaken for Mr. Snaggy. Guy is too busy keeping Mrs. Frank happy to misspeel werds all dai on SA. Huzzah!
  4. Guy thinks they are doing the same thing as they are doing in the other thread? Yes?
  5. Did not Mr. Frank prove this with his "Theorie de la Puissance"? Yes?
  6. Guy believes there is nothing wrong with an absurdly short stick. Ask Mrs. Frank!
  7. Sacre Bleu! Guy needs to get to Vancouver sans tarder! Guy needs someone to feed and walk Mrs. Frank whilst he is gone.
  8. Guy did not grow a vagin! Mr. Hot is full of merde! The only place Mr. Hot has seen a double hurricane is in La Nouvelle Orléans.
  9. Guy never does PA. He should have a smaller number, yes?
  10. Guy is still FB friends with Mr. Rimas! Here is monsieur's latest. Guy enjoys reading Mr. Rimas' verbal intercourse with his many many "female" friends!
  11. Guy has never left you, yes? After Mr. Frank & Mr. Hot stopped posting, Guy found everyone else boring as merde. Huzzah M'fers! PS - Mr. Woody, you are wrong about Mrs. Frank. She is currently doing moi here in the alley behind Bungalow 8.
  12. What will happen? Guy can't stand the suspense! looks like a countdown to saturday Merci Capitaine Évident.
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