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  1. Guy thinks they are doing the same thing as they are doing in the other thread? Yes?
  2. Did not Mr. Frank prove this with his "Theorie de la Puissance"? Yes?
  3. Guy believes there is nothing wrong with an absurdly short stick. Ask Mrs. Frank!
  4. Sacre Bleu! Guy needs to get to Vancouver sans tarder! Guy needs someone to feed and walk Mrs. Frank whilst he is gone.
  5. Guy did not grow a vagin! Mr. Hot is full of merde! The only place Mr. Hot has seen a double hurricane is in La Nouvelle Orléans.
  6. Guy never does PA. He should have a smaller number, yes?
  7. Guy is still FB friends with Mr. Rimas! Here is monsieur's latest. Guy enjoys reading Mr. Rimas' verbal intercourse with his many many "female" friends!
  8. Guy has never left you, yes? After Mr. Frank & Mr. Hot stopped posting, Guy found everyone else boring as merde. Huzzah M'fers! PS - Mr. Woody, you are wrong about Mrs. Frank. She is currently doing moi here in the alley behind Bungalow 8.
  9. What will happen? Guy can't stand the suspense! looks like a countdown to saturday Merci Capitaine Évident.
  10. Why would he need such a distraction? He knows which way downwind is. Guy begs to differ Monsieur. Mr. Rimas only knows the wind is neither up nor down. It is there to take him where he is going.
  11. dont forget bfloyd4445 that............"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." psycho.... That's what they tell us. But I would like to remind you of what happened to the USSR. Georgia decided to stop sending money to Moscow and when others provinces followed suit the army when ordered to kick ass said," you can no longer pay us, you do your own butt kicking", that was the end of the USSR without bloodshed. The people stood together so the tyrants were powerless. The USSR with no resources to buy mercenaries was out of busines
  12. Guy believes you are not understanding well. The record lies with the fact that Guy and Mr. Rimus will be the first to go solo around world in a San Juan 24 Foot. Never has it been done before. It is a World record for Americans. Guy arrives shortly in most beautiful Samoa Américaines to assist Mr. Rimus. Also tracking Mr. BJ's position so as to rendezvous for exchange of rations, women and monetary support.
  13. Mr. Rimas, please accept Guy's apology. Due to Guy's important role in the made for Lifetime movie "Flyin' Hawaiian", Guy must delay his trip to the most beautiful United State of Samoa. Please do not leave for the Horn without Guy. Our solo record trip around the world on San Juan 24 foot will be the best of history!
  14. Guy is going to Hollywood! Mr. Timmys, please respond to repeated attempts to contact you by Guy's lawyers.
  15. Mr. Rimas, Guy is very exited to join the "Rimas Around The World" team! Looking forward to meeting you in les Samoa Américaines next week. Guy is bringing plenty of mashed potatoes and penicillin.
  16. Although Guy finds Mrs. Valery to be a most handsome woman, he was thankfully not aboard the Flyin' Hawaiian. Guy was interviewed for his new job and will be flying to American Samoa to start work next week! Guy likes big island women.
  17. No! This story can not be over. Some person will know where this boat is. Guy has left many things aboard. A large bag of Mrs. Frank's jouets de sexuelle may be in the Sauna room. Merde!
  18. Oooooh lala! Guy would trade Mrs Frank and Mrs Hot in for that fresh new trollop! Guy likes art.
  19. Oui Mr. Oronoco and Mr. Tom. When Guy last set foot on the FH, la moto was perched just outside the door to the jacuzzi room. Made it very hard to wheel Mrs. Hot in there for our daily soak.
  20. Que? Guy is not dead. Just bored. All is no fun since Mr. Hot started running from Les Autorités.
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