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    Trickypig, that's one of the reasons I'm not fond of facebook. Tyrants always claim to support what's right while their henchmen weed out opposition, destroy the truth and mold pseudo facts to fill in the blanks



    dont forget bfloyd4445 that............"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."




    That's what they tell us. But I would like to remind you of what happened to the USSR. Georgia decided to stop sending money to Moscow and when others provinces followed suit the army when ordered to kick ass said," you can no longer pay us, you do your own butt kicking", that was the end of the USSR without bloodshed. The people stood together so the tyrants were powerless. The USSR with no resources to buy mercenaries was out of business.

    If you remember it was a polish dock worker part of the illegal organized labor movement that started the whole thing.



    Wait! This is not correct. Guy was told Mr. Ron Reagan singlehandedly defeated and brought down the CCC of P? No?

  2. Guy believes you are not understanding well. The record lies with the fact that Guy and Mr. Rimus will be the first to go solo around world in a San Juan 24 Foot. Never has it been done before. It is a World record for Americans.


    Guy arrives shortly in most beautiful Samoa Américaines to assist Mr. Rimus. Also tracking Mr. BJ's position so as to rendezvous for exchange of rations, women and monetary support.

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