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  1. Rules and regulations are for the follower type persons. Is the Flyin Hawaiian not registered in the Country of Lanai? This was done without your .gov website. Guy believes you should not believe everything you read on the interwebs, no?
  2. Ah, Mr. iSail, that will be my new area of expertise. Guy's research shows that in the Country of Hawaii, permits and licenses can be had for meager amounts of beads and bobbles. C'est une nation d'idiots, yes?
  3. Guy and Mrs. Frank have always had an open relationship. Regardless, Mrs Frank has been focused elsewhere now that Mr. Frank has resurfaced in a shack behind a house in Coronado CA. Seems he is embracing his inbred Southern roots. Guns and Jesus le Blanc. Oui, Mr. Steam, Guy has made a career of profiting with other peoples' dreams!
  4. Grand news all! Guy was contacted by Mr. Hot and Mr. Hot Jr. last night. We agreed to rendezvous aboard the Flyin Hawaiian this evening to discuss Guy heading up the newly formed Flyin Hawaiian Charter LLC. If Guy accepts, Guy will be doing all Marketing and Public Relations from this point forward. Merveilleux! Also, Guy was told that Mr. Hot's sister is very excited to meet Guy! Oh and the adventure begins again!
  5. Oui! Guy does love hairy chests. This is what attracted Guy to Mrs. Frank!
  6. Tricky editing Mr. Fast! Guy thinks you may of made the slip d' Freudian. Yes?
  7. Mr. Hot, Guy has extensive experience in the field of "HP Induced Sailing" having been CEO of the AC Team Murrelet syndicate in Valencia. Guy would love to extend his services to your project. Compensation can be discussed at a later date. Also, Guy wishes to inquire of the status of this captivating waif pictured below. Is she Mrs. Hot? Can she be had without much fuss? Mrs. Frank has gone frigid and Guy's blood boils! Cheers and Huzzah to the crew of Le Voler Hawaïenne!!
  8. It has been Guy's stereotyping experience that delusional individuals with big egos that speak in third person and call themselves things like "Hot Rod" and build big crazy projects and put motorcycles on them tend to own guns. (Mr Frank was a fine example of this.) Guy would not try to board or come any nearer than what Spoffo has done. Especially if you have eyes on his wife/mother. But with that said,maybe if Mr. Hot was approached by a reporter from Latitude 38? Maybe, yes? Mr. Hot's ego may actually entertain such a visit.
  9. Sacre Bleu! Mr. Hot's ego must be giving itself head right about now.
  10. Only "Guy" may bring up that name as he tents to MrsUse it Guy doesn't even let Mrs Frank speak of Mr Frank. Guy wishes to have a talk with Mr Hot. Thinking this design of his may be a more stable platform for AC racing come this Summer? Huzzah!
  11. I have read the thread, and by your logic my boat would never work because at one point in its construction the only thing holding it together was a single strip of tape down the centerline on the interior. I could be wrong, but I haven't seen anything of the current state of the interior to disprove it- the large doors and gradall would let him bring in anything he likes, and I would bet that the 2x4s were just there to hold position during construction. This would also jive with his using the jack on the outside of the hulls, torture a flexible structure into place just where you like it and
  12. Proof that Mr. SailFlat is in the Weid Hovian Camp!:
  13. Guy loves this thread. Keep it coming. Off to the store to buy more popcorn and sangria! Huzzah!
  14. Mr. S. Cruiser, does this photo not support the true speed capabilities of the Scow de Fromage?
  15. Cheese Scow thread Rule #1: If link ends in "4", no clicky!
  16. That is BS. Guy drinks beer for breakfast everyday.
  17. Where did you dig that one up from? That is Mr. Frank out testing our new HP Assisted mainsail. Guy believes Mr. D. Woody holds the royalties on that shot.
  18. Hmmm.....Guy wonders how this can not be considered "a personal attack"??
  19. Stop interupting my soap opera with useful facts and rock hard reality. Merci.
  20. Merde! Do you think those who own the copyright to Spongebob Industries will sue SailFlat for inducing Regatta Dog to post their images on this thread?
  21. Ah mon ami! Guy is fine. Mrs. Frank is gone. The syndicate has collapsed. Guy is stuck here tending bar in a Valencia bordello. But, life could be worse, yes? How is Mr. Frank. Tell him hello from Guy.
  22. Guy thinks Mr. Frank may have an alternative view on Mrs. Tripp Gals innocence!!!!
  23. Amen, Mr. Meat. Guy hopes there are fines on those who call in unnecessary SARs like those levied against individuals who make frivolous 911 calls.
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