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  1. I'm not an expert but just did this and here is my take. $3-4k to start (1 Wing at $900, 1 foil at $1200, 1 board at $1200. Plus a pump and a board leash, 2nd wing...) There are packages and discounts but the supply was low in the spring so I paid full price. I have a Slingwing V2 5.4 m^2 wing, slingshot hoverglide FSUP V3 foil, Naish Hover 125 GS board, and haven't tried much else (once or twice on a buddy's gear) so listen to experts. If you get a big floaty foil board I say just go for it vs a SUP. If you go slow it slogs around just fine, and the ~30 inch foil mast works great as
  2. I agree with your description- I think the foil is so efficient it allows using the wing sail which is not at all efficient, but so easy, for a winning combo. I bought a wingfoiling setup this summer after 30 years of windsurfing. I thought I'd wingfoil in light air and windsurf in the heavy, but I spent all of our windy summer wingfoiling. I only have one wing but have been able to use it when windsurfers are on everything from 7.0 to 4.5m. It would be better if I had a smaller wing on the windy days but you can park it overhead and it luffs fine, very different from overpowered on the wi
  3. This exactly wrong. For downwind, the wheels power the propeller which blows air into the wind. The mechanism you describe, where the propeller is a wind turbine, is how upwind cars work though.
  4. I always thought an outboard would be better for the size of the boat. Best would be to redo the transom so it is open, like the Moore 24 fleet does, then you could get to an outboard in a practical way.
  5. I used this one for the baja haha in 2017, still has my pencil marks on it. Waterproof!
  6. You probably know this but you and your parents can rent a Capri 22 in San Diego for a few hours for super cheap. I think we paid $90 for two hours on mission bay. Fun way to see if it's a workable solution.
  7. Twelve feet you say? https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/spo/d/san-bruno-windsurfer-12-combo/7247176813.html
  8. I thinks it's a cousin to the Victory 21, Aurora 21? https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/aurora-21
  9. Make sure you connect Tx-Rx and Rx-Tx. You probably did but it's a common mistake.
  10. So I was checking my youtube feed and it suggested a clip from the 70's country-music variety show Hee-Haw. I watched it for the novelty and youtube ran with it and now suggests lots of banjo-related videos. I just realized it's probably because I watched the banjo sandwich video (and gave it a thumb up). So Dylan be careful how you name the videos or you will lead us all into strange territory.
  11. Victory 21? I rented one on mission bay many years ago; my wife had run a marathon the day before and agreed to go sailing if there was no jumping around. Worked for us.
  12. Not 7 segment but e-ink or e-paper looks great in the sun.
  13. If you really want to geek out you can use a software defined radio dongle as your ais receiver. https://www.rtl-sdr.com/rtl-sdr-tutorial-cheap-ais-ship-tracking/ I agree with those who think a good screen will be the issue, if you buy a nice tablet why bother with the pi? Many years ago I had a nook displaying boat instruments on the epaper display that looked great in the sun but I don't think it would have worked for a chartplotter.
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