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  1. I usually ease into the new boat trials. Not you! Anything break?
  2. Nice! Got any more pictures?
  3. I've raced my IC against reasonably well sailed Musto Skiffs in moderate wind and found that we would all get to the finish line at about the same time on a windward/leeward course. As you would expect, the IC is way faster upwind and slower downwind. Throw in some reaches though and the IC kicks butt.
  4. Cool video Michael. And it is interesting to see that power cat race committee boat we built for JSC what, like 40 years ago at the end of the video?
  5. No, all I have are keelboats now. I'm not really sure why that has happened.
  6. A reinforced hole in the center of the seat works. Just make sure the edges are rounded. Some people tie a stopper knot at the right place. I use a small clam cleat.
  7. My carriage has a recess that the retainer line can travel happily in. Maybe you need to get out your recess making tool.
  8. Didn't see if this got answered. Composite Engineering in MA (US) somewhere.
  9. See the posts starting at #334, page 34 on this thread for a discussion about building an IC from flat carbon/foam panels.
  10. Black Betty and I will be there.
  11. The concave top has been tried. It seems like it could be a good thing for keeping you attached to the seat. Arne Stahl's boat has it and I believe the new Morrison 3 does too. The curved bottom will get sucked down whenever it hits the water. Maybe you could incorporate a planing step? Or just don't let it touch down.
  12. Chris got any larger/better pics of this set up? Sorry B. I couldn't find any.
  13. I did use a wishbone boom on my jib at the last worlds. It doesn't do much on the windy reaches but it does help on the runs.
  14. Upwind it all strapped down to look like a normal rig.
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