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  1. We are planning on fitting all chase boats with prop guards. Any of you have direct experience with running boats with guards and, if so, what was your experience?
  2. Exactly. Despite the vast amount of noise being created regarding fraud, none of the suits claimed fraud. Reason most-likely being that the burden of proof is substantial and they had none to bring. So, instead, the suits focused on supposed irregularities, supposed illegal voting processes, and a set of bizarro world claims. Accusations of fraud were never before any judge.
  3. https://www.heraldtribune.com/story/news/2020/11/21/child-significantly-injured-boat-crash-sarasota-bay/6375031002/
  4. This may be elsewhere in these forums, but a quick search did not come up. Opti green fleeter tragedy in FL. 20’ chase boat was helping a sailor, operator fell into throttle and then off the boat. Boat hit we optis killing a 10 year old. Those kill switches are a hassle until they save a life ..
  5. So, we are 3.5 weeks into our 8 week program. Going well. Lasers have been excellent. We have 8-9 out in morning class and in afternoon racing/advanced class. Usually we are exclusively 420s, but will focus more on Lasers in the future. Two classes of 10 Optis also operating morning and afternoon. So, 28-29 sailors on the water. Staggered start and finish times working well. Kids are following mask rules. Mostly remembering to not be all over each other when on the floats. Parents have been great. First and only regatta of the summer is next week. Will send 8 boats. Total unique sailors this s
  6. Thanks. Great info and looks like a solid set of rules.
  7. So far, so good on following the rules... mostly. The smaller groups help a lot, as does pre-rigging the boats so that each sailor goes right into a boat as opposed to screwing around on the floats. The situation where not following the rules become problematic is if some parent sends a kid into sailing when they have been exposed outside of the program. That's an issue we are concerned with. Same holds true for instructors. Luckily, we only have each class operating for 3 to 4 hours and don't have to trust them 24/7 on their own in apartments and dorm rooms with college level hormones raging
  8. Thanks Rambler. We are taking temps of every sailor when he/she is dropped off. We are using an infrared temp reader that is considered highly accurate by various medical associations. Agreed completely on monitoring the density and velocity of transmission in the community. We are ebbing strongly at the moment, but it the tide changes, we will pull back and even stop the program all together.
  9. Sorry, drinking and posting last night. Will export as jpegs and post.
  10. they are great, but don't deal with Bomar or the whole lid assembly. Just the plastic.
  11. No... here is the hatch model and serial... i think.
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