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  1. Twin grandsons are now 5 and have enough toys to open their own store (their mom seems to feel she needs to get them something new every time they blink). The best things so far: Books - all types including non-English and especially things involving dinosaurs or the solar system (some good YouTube vids for kids on these subjects too). Oh, and they love the Stick Dog series. The very best ever - homemade from cardboard and other household items (toothpicks, popsicle sticks, repurposed plastic bottles, etc.) - MARBLE RUNS. Fascinated with them for probably 18 - 24 months now. Tri
  2. Can't be said enough - a truly nice human being. His focus always seemed to be to make friends first then get on with whatever else may have been on the agenda. He will be sorely missed.
  3. Thanks - I was aware of Holiday II doing well back then but thought I recalled something about the L-36 also doing well prior to the Cal 40. Time for more Googling.
  4. Didn't Holiday have a great TransPac in the early / mid 60s?
  5. Sailed with Alex Weiskopf on Buccaneer #5 Rogue. He later bought L-36 #2 Holiday. Helped bring Holiday up to S.F. from Newport and raced on her a few times. Most memorable was a Farallon Islands race when the mast came down. We were probably 8 or 9 miles outside the Gate in probably 30 kts or so. Once we cleared the mess it was a very rolly ride back to St. Francis under power. Rumor is that the Rhodes designed Windward Class (only 13 built) was a later development of the Rhodes 33 that included a few more amenities. Family owned #13 which was last in Hawaii to my knowledge:
  6. Another vote for a local agent - saved a lot of time and bux. And, another vote for United Healthcare / AARP. Had it for years, covers everything for wife and I after $1,200 deductible for about $400 per month (secondary + prescriptions).
  7. Looks like it could be that exciting time I enjoyed in '67 (after Transpac) at the reception center with my new haircut. Ft. Bliss, El Paso for me - nothing blissful about it IMO. And, I agree, someone's probably going to be very familiar with the "front leaning rest" position and the push-ups that inevitably follow as soon as your arms begin quivering and sweat drips from your forehead.
  8. Lotta Kettenburg boats built over the years: Model LOA First Built K-47 MOTORSAILER (KETTENBURG) 46.50 ft / 14.17 m 1959 KETTENBURG 32 31.50 ft / 9.60 m 1975 KETTENBURG 38 38.00 ft / 11.58 m 1948 KETTENBURG 40 39.83 ft / 12.14 m 1959 KETTENBURG 41 41.00 ft / 12.50 m 1966 KETTENBURG 43 43.00 ft / 13.11 m
  9. Started a work week like that back in the mid-70s. Heading early into the office at fiscal year end to help w/ some inventory and office rearrangement. Stopped at a signal and saw a car pulled over up ahead in a no parking area and wondered what was up. Assuming car problems pulled over but soon realized it was something far worse. Guy on the sidewalk getting frantic over a female laying partially in the gutter and partially on the sidewalk. He said something like "Can you do something, she's still warm. I'm going to knock on some doors and find a phone." then he was gone. I tried so
  10. Maybe I missed them: Smaller boats - El Toro / Sabot / 505 / Sunfish / Hobie Cat Larger boats - Never enough votes for Cal 40s / Farr 40 / SC 50 & 70
  11. Truly appreciate the advice, thank you - great aid to decision making. Gonna scrap thoughts of using iPADs for anything serious. I mentioned that I keep all passwords (random generated / modified 16 to 20 characters) on a flash drive or my external backup drive. Couple questions: 1. Is there a brand or type of flash (or equivalent) drive that's more secure than the standard units available from the usual retailers? 2. Is it advisable to use only the external backup drive to store (and access) passwords and other vitals, consequently eliminating the need for flash drives?
  12. Not going there Woody... too much of this guy tainting SA already.
  13. I know, Ford or Chevy, Porsche or BMW or Audi, Ginger or Maryann, potato or (the Quayle version) potatoe or the Brit pronunciation potawtoe (and the tomato variants), red wine or white, high and slow or low and fast, politics and religion, and the ultimate question without end or answers... the female of our species. Always debatable. Have used both Mac OS and Windows for home and work with Mac being the last one I had for biz. Would prefer to not shift back again. Good tip on the mail prefs - thanks. Little Snitch sounds interesting - will explore.
  14. Thanks - adamant about deleting anything unknown as soon as I see it (think I've finally got the wife to remember to do this as well). The password security thing is a big deal in my mind - have them on an Excel sheet that's stored only on a flash drive or my backup external drive but still worry something may be hiding in some corner of my onboard hard drive I'm unaware of. Use a random number generator and then modify what it provides even further to create passwords I change frequently.
  15. I know there was a discussion on this many months ago but since I'm now upgrading equipment, current threats may be different than in prior months and the tech world changes so rapidly, was hoping the wizards in this forum may have updated recommendations. I use Apple computers (two iMacs now, may switch to iPads), Android phones and both iOS and Android tablets. Been comparing various packages and am (like many, I assume) frustrated by the inability to get comprehensive comparisons covering the same features for each of the packages available. Seems readers are stuck with whichever
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