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  1. 1. Honesty - no one can fake it or cheat their way through for long whether on a race course or making a passage. The people or wind, waves and currents will eventually make you face your true self with all excuses and conceit stripped away. 2. The Great Puzzles - wind / waves / water / weather / boat characteristics / people. 3. Freedom - an escape means for gaining perspective on our / your world. You can't focus on other problems while tending to the boat, especially on a race course. An added bonus is that you sometimes come out with new insights into everyday life.
  2. Sailed on Holiday somewhat way back when. Brought her from Newport Beach to SF with new owner in (I think) early / mid 60s.
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    As I mentioned before David Crosby had the (Alden, I think) schooner Mayan here in Santa Barbara. Don't know what other boats he may have had. https://medium.com/schoonermayan/mayans-history-the-david-crosby-years-517d8c0cb389 Ran into him at the harbor and other places a couple of times.
  4. Dad as well. From my earliest days there was always runabouts, ski boats, fishing boats and dinghies. When I was about seven he was invited to crew on a customer's boat in SF. One Saturday my mom and I took him to the boat before heading off on some excursion or other and watched as they prepped the boat before docking out. For some inexplicable reason I started to cry as they left the dock - could hardly bare to watch them leave without me. After he chewed me out for embarrassing him in front of someone important he told me I was invited to go along next time. Next step was a few months
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    I'm sure you're right - forget who led me to believe that was Blackfin. Also, tough to pick out some details in that less than crystal clear video.
  6. tizak


    Was told the boat in this CSN video is Blackfin. To my eye it looks like her. Crosby had the schooner Mayan here in Santa Barbara for a long time.
  7. Really don't get linking a compass and landmarks to theory - they're not theoretical. My take is that knowing a little about where the wind is coming from, where you want to go and how the sails / rudder work is vital to reaching a destination and then getting back to where you came from.
  8. I vote for InReach also. Have used one a little on boats but have employed the system primarily for backpacking in the Sierras. Great way to keep everybody in touch and updated. Really proved its value when one of my daughters in law came down with Acute Mountain Sickness. I was home for that trip but felt like I was right there with them in some ways. They abandoned camp in the wee hours to get her down from 12,000 ft. and I was the emergency line in the event they needed SAR help or to get the Forestry guys looped in. Fortunately, they made it down on their own. My son hiked back up the next
  9. My $.02 is to connect the compass to the wind and landmarks. Throw in brief info concerning typical prevailing conditions / compass directions and what usually happens when other than typical weather is afoot.
  10. '67 Transpac: Legend - Division A 47th overall out of 69 finishers.
  11. Stephens Bros. built a large number of great boats for a long time. First boat I raced on was the Stephens built Pajara in SF (probably 1954). The boat was a 44 ft. cutter built in the late 30s. Rumor was that it was the first boat to race with a spinnaker inside the Bay way back when. Worked well but they had trouble taking it down and were, apparently, at risk of running into Red Rock near Richmond. Good story true or not. Finishing Transpac in the pic.
  12. An M Class boat like Pursuit in Sausalito. Remember them racing each other on the Bay in the late 50s I think. Was part of the delivery crew that brought "little" Sirius, the 10 meter, from SF to del Rey after Big Boat in '66 or '67. Interesting trip complete with drugged out hippies, a pair of nude German girls, big breeze and seas off Conception that resulted in a spreader dunk, anchoring off Avalon to dry out and a Mexican serenade from a Whaler early one morning.
  13. He was absolutely one of a kind. And, as stated previously, in my opinion, the kind we need more of. Helped him deliver a trailer-full of 8 person shells he'd repaired to some of the colleges here in California on a road trip from S.F. to sail in Long Beach. Was amazing to experience the reverence that coaches and rowers had for him. Definitely one of their idols. Scared me shitless on that trip (again, I was just out of high school) when he tossed me the keys to his car after we'd fueled up and said "I need some sleep" then somehow managed to snake his big frame into the backseat of
  14. A little more on Conn... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conn_Findlay
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