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  1. Ah, a Rustard! I learnt a lot of different ways to drink rum sailing with Lovely.
  2. Yep, that is what I was told about when HA was amended from the standard Elliott 10.5, still got the hum in the centerboard at certain speed though.
  3. When did they change the start time from 11am to 12pm?
  4. It still has that swivel chair a the nav station.
  5. We could do a Sailing Anarchy virtual BtoG Queensland queensbury rules apply.
  6. Ok, after a long day in Hobart we went to Customs House to have a quite drink with some fellow Queenslanders. I slipped/missed a step in there and stumbled which morphed into this type of uncontrolled naruto run which was only stopped by a very solid, shoulder to the rib cage, ball and all tackle on the previously mentioned chair thrower sending him flying to the ground. While Sonny Bill would have been pleased to have executed such a tackle I unfortunately dropped my rum.
  7. Now I don't feel so bad about accidentally taking the chair thrower out at Customs House after the 2005 Hobart race.
  8. I remember some of those in blazers actually sang the words as well.
  9. Hey Sportscar, what was the story with Patriot’s rudder? Also agree it’s a great boat, I sailed on her in Brisbane when she was bought over from the states.
  10. I think you’re right Jack, well done to Alive.
  11. OMG you bite like a marlin. Anyway back to the race. Can Ichi do it? Going to be an interesting hour an a quarter.
  12. hi pod how you doing from robr

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