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  1. Yep, that's the one. You're right, he was abalone diving (out of season) but I think he was spearfishing too, since he had the speargun.
  2. The shark bit the guy's head, shook it, then backed off to wait for him to bleed out and die (the same way they kill the seals in the northern California "red triangle"). Fortunately no arteries were severed and the guy was able to climb back aboard his paddleboard and get back to shore. While his head was in the shark's mouth the guy was pounding the shark with his speargun -- some of the rubber tubes were sliced by the shark's teeth. The guy saw me in town a few years later, and noticing the "Jenner Fire Dept" tag on my truck and came over to thank me. I hadn't been on that call, but he
  3. Well, my wife went to a call for a great white sharkbite, just a few miles from our house (we were both on the local volunteer fire dept, town of Jenner in Sonoma County California). The victim was bitten on the head but he survived with facial and scalp wounds. This was the guy's second shark-bite. So it happens.
  4. Can I at least borrow the 10mm one? Mine's gone missing.
  5. I find your comment unhelpful. "Frame of Reference" is a critical concept (witness the DDWFTTW discussion if you want a sailing context).
  6. I was going off the original post: I is the "actual", H is one to the left. I suppose we will need to agree on which is "actual" before we can solve this little puzzle.
  8. Who is this "They"? Can anyone show me actual evidence that this has really happened in the past? In a significant way? I've heard people talk about suppressed tech (100 MPG carburetors, eternal light bulbs, Nikolai Tesla's stolen papers), etc, but I truly believe that these are random delusions. On the other hand, I've seen new tech disrupt plenty of industries, to the benefit of those who adopt it.
  9. Rule 34) Internet meme: "If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions." I'm not sure I understand how that applies to random numbers or the digit '7', but if it doesn't it should.
  10. Well that's how long it took for me to be born, but I still haven't properly matured.
  11. A friend sent me this link, and I've spent the last two hours listening to this guy's youtube channel. Good stuff, many different styles and techniques.
  12. I like random-number porn as much as any red-blooded nerd, but dammit there are rules for this sort of thing.
  13. Isn't there a rule that any made-up apparently random number contain the digit '7'?
  14. I was a firefighter -- volunteer, and I never saw anything like the WTC collapse -- but my training was pretty light when it came to recognizing the characteristic sounds of explosive charge demolition of burning buildings. Perhaps NYC firefighters get that kind of advanced training?
  15. Sorry, I should have re-read the article before posting. But yes, in this context liquid nitrogen is practically room temperature.
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