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  1. So I spent about half of 2020 redoing bathrooms and an unplanned living room remodel due to a catastrophic water leak. Putting the finishing touches on the bar, (still). Everything is getting into place nicely. There's usually a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin up there and of course it's missing a nice bottle of rum from @Wess but my recent trip to Kentucky produced some decent bourbon.
  2. I will. This one is new to me so will check it out
  3. I was racing in the ILCA fleet up the Wando river on Saturday. Then took off and headed west to KY for the week on Sunday to check out Mammoth Caves and Louisville.
  4. Lack of access is what has been the #1 killer of "non-trailerable" sail boats for years now. In Charleston you can get a 30' boat slip for $100,000.00. Sure, go buy a $12,000 30 4knt shit box and stick it in a 6 figure slip.... Ain't happening. US sAiling thinks promoting LBGTQ is gonna increase participation and boat ownership. I don't think that's been an issue in our sport for some time now, but maybe that's just me. Unfortunately they continue to grasp at straws because the reality is there's just not much they can do to stop the slide. Public access getting gobbled up by develop
  5. I find when you perpetually piss some one off they'll down vote ANYTHING you post. LMI, (and possibly others, but I don't pay close enough attention) nails me 95% of the time regardless of the post. It's SA. Some shit you just have to ignore.
  6. And the middle of the day. These guys pulled it off at night. Sounds like at least one of them took a bit of a beating though...
  7. Just read a 737 cargo plane ditched in the ocean after takeoff at 2:30 am and both pilots survived. Chime in other pilots. What's the likely hood of this?
  8. International Sailing Academy has the best technical guide to vang tuning I've seen. Good guidance on outhaul, cunningham and mainsheet trim across various conditions as well. It will take you 2 hours just setting up your vang.
  9. Rodney Scott's for the BBQ on King Street. Seafood....man you can't swing a cat down here without hitting a decent option, but Amen Street has the best crab cakes I've ever had outside of MD. Southern cakes have a tendency to be bready, but not at Amen. The Peninsula Grill is hands down my favorite high end dinner experience, (totally local on seafood and veggies)- Your blue blazer will be great there. The Ordinary is good too. If you're into oysters, (I'm old school and avoid them on months without an "R" in the spelling) but if I have to partake I go to the Rappahannock
  10. Actually, (and interestingly enough) the last race I sailed with it the battery died 3 minutes into our start so I sailed the final two minutes with no timer. I had my best start of the regatta. I ended up setting up under the guy who was winning the event by a landslide and just went with him when he pushed the go button. I have since upgraded to the latest edition of the device that you can plug in for charging as well as solar.
  11. Sounds right up Rasty's alley along with managing two car funeral....
  12. Or a massive group of aliens invade the planet and we're all saved by Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum.
  13. Interesting. Guess they sold the initial 3 or 4 they and and then...well we all know how great LP is at delivering new boats, parts. Guess nothing has changed there!
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