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  1. Well they didn't but ILCA made them build and then cut apart 10 hulls to make sure they were all consistent and within the build manual tolerances.
  2. You are so right. Wonder what the folks in the Sunfish class are thinking these days......?
  3. Wow- they built 4! Only enough money for even bow numbers I guess? Must not have had a #7 lying around...
  4. Ok. I think I follow now. Here- Yacht Clubs host events. We don't have designated fleets, (like fleet 11 in Charleston, SC like J24's do) but we do have groups that are typically associated with a club. So, when clubs host events they charge entry fees which typically run around $50.00 per sailor. This covers all sailing, grounds use, RC support, water on the course, morning breakfast spreads and 1 dinner. I can see the fleet model working for places that have public water access without a yacht club involved. Is that the case in your district?
  5. Interesting- I'm taking it you're not in the US? We have Districts over here. I'm currently, (and have been for a few years) the Secretary for ILCA-NA D12. We pay no dues to ILCA outside of our individual membership fees. All of our regattas have individual entry fees for boats paid by the sailor, (or their parents). ILCA will provide some support for District expenses such as an annual schedule mailer and they have a coaching promotion going on now as long as you meet the pre-set criteria. Thanks for the insight.
  6. How does that work? What do "fleet" dues cover? Is the fleet affiliated with a local club, (or number of clubs)? Or, are you a group of true grass roots sailors that meet at a public boat launch for your outings/events? Honestly, just curious.
  7. That's a valid point. The Jr sailing, (particularly in ILCA's) has blown up in the last 18 months. Just a few sailors and bitchy parents is one thing, but a ton of Jr's and just a couple bitchy parents really isn't so bad.
  8. As a long time sailor who started as a Junior sailor, but never had the "privilege" of coming up through any kind of Yacht Club Opti, (or other) program it's taken quite some time for me to become exposed to the "soccer parent". You see- my jr sailing experiences were more along the lines of being the young kid on a big PHRF boat. My "coaching" would (at times) come from our pre-race, in cabin crew discussions during the motor to the starting line. On occasion, one of the crew might/or might not be rolling joints on a cutting board prepping for post race relaxation. Whenever I had the
  9. Try Lake Percy Priest outside of Nashville. That's the only place I'm aware of that has any note worthy activity sailing wise. The whole state has 2 ILCA class members.
  10. What are the slander laws over there? I would suspect they truly were $10k in arrears to someone and the collection police were really dispatched to do their thing with LP. I could see some directorial liberties being taken regarding the "if or if not" the payment was going to make it through that day, but that's about it.
  11. Try seal skins socks in your booties. They are great
  12. I've seen the boat and watched a few folks race them from the VX One I was on. The 15's are great little boats and on my radar for when my son gets a little older...
  13. Apparently they have restructured their cash flow model...;-)
  14. Spot on- loss of access is doing more harm to sailing than anything else....I live that here in Charleston.
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