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  1. Ahh. Always loved having a smoker on board for those light air PHRF lake sailing days...and they weren't always cigarettes...
  2. Soaked cotton sweaters and hoodies. Converse tennis shoes and a set of Foster Grants like these.. This is your grass roots boat.
  3. Fact - Your post that started these 105 pages, (so far). "What a shame it has come to this!" LPE was THE builder and PSA had Australia. So.... Fact- New ZIM ILCA is under $ 7,300.00 USD. Fact - You are assuming China built ILCA's are crap based on some pic's from the first built boats, but you have no first hand experience. Nor do I but I will sooner than you....and I'll freely share what I learn because as much as I am an advocate for ILCA I'm also open to the ups and downs of events and love FACTS over OPINION. I've never argued you advocating for generic boats. However,
  4. This has been answered already. I have all the new gear. Honestly I feel like the composite upper is a detriment in lighter wind, but for heavier sailors it's a tiny bit better in breeze. Blades, I still sail with the old ones as I don't see a benefit there. Sail, the MKII lasts longer but is no faster than the MKI. I think the vang is the most important upgrade that increases performance. To your point the vang really puts stress on the leech of the sail and the upper spar, but if you know how to line up the collar rivet with the gooseneck it's a huge help. I've said this before
  5. High and Dry Boat Works here in Charleston has 4 new ZIM boats for sale. ZIM got at least one container in mid-March and we got 10 of the boat delivered here.
  6. I'm just posting facts. You are speculating about an overall quality of a product based on a cleat being mounted backward. Holy Smokes- if that's your acid test how can you possibly advocate for LP/LPE having remained a builder? They certainly had plenty of QC issues not to mention an inability to manage a supply chain. We have 10 of these ZIM boats in Charleston now with 6 of them sold and soon to be out sailing. I'll know if they are a POS sooner than later when I get my eyes on them. That will be a fact. Ok- this is as far down the rabbit hole I'm going, (today...)
  7. Just the manipulated Chinese currency at work. The build is approved by ILCA inspectors. They had to hit the same goal posts as the other builders.
  8. Heck yeah! I like it! Can fit a bit of beer on ice there! It's a little sporty as well at 140lbs and 75 sq ft of sail.
  9. Looks like the first "dingy" I ever sailed. It was a "tender" for an '81 Hunter 33. First boat I ever raced on and the owner became a major mentor. Anyway, he said I could use the dingy anytime I wanted. It actually had a boom. I made a small jib w/mom's singer and used a "Wind Scoop" for an unpoled chute. Can't remember the name of it, but it was on the side.
  10. Damn y'all are slow today! It's an Edo Western Corp sailboat from the early 70's. Thanks for playing!
  11. This thread has become super educational. While getting old sucks keeping your head in the ground isn't the best thing to do. Thanks Boomer.
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