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  1. The $10k PSA's was a great example of someone taking advantage of a free market, (supply vs demand) situation. The result of multiple builders has played out as expected and brought those prices down back to the level LPE was last selling boats for when they were still the class supplier. 2 full years ago now? Considering everything that went down it's not really that long ago and the ILCA class has rebounded nicely.
  2. Well I think it's just the proper thing to do when excepting a ride on someone's fine boat.
  3. Wait- the bet was about screw ups? I thought it had more to do with the end of the class, no new builders, continued poor supply issues and outrageous prices....Actually, someone posted the original bet a on page 106 and tallied the wins/losses between the betters. Seemed like I was in the winners column?
  4. If you're in "The Laser" class you have no choices no matter where you live....
  5. Would be interesting to know exactly what the inspections do include. I would imagine they are mostly "build process" focused on layup, weight, rake and the other things they looked at when sawing up the first 10 boats off the line during the builder approval process. QC fit and finish is important though and the rigging is just a matter of someone following a packing list to make sure the right items, (blocks, lines and so on are included). It's highly likely the actual hourly fabricators are not sailors and don't know which way a bow handle or cleat should be mounted, but someone on the Q
  6. He's fairly new to the boat and kids were anxious for the boats so I think he had the trailer take them straight to the YC and they had an unpacking and rigging party all together.
  7. Yeah. Full. Normally I would have sat on shore and had a beverage, but the venue for the ACC's and time of year is prime for that kind of breeze. Actually pulled off a few gybes. Just gotta make sure your moving as fast as possible and swing it over. I was surprised I avoided the capsize as well!
  8. I sailed this past Saturday. Blew so dang hard, (gusting 30) that sailing DW I tried to over trim the main and couldn't pull it in. Jumped the wave in front of me and totally submerged into the back of the next one. Can't believe I didn't capsize or break anything. Must have been the composite top section that kept it all together!
  9. Jr YC memberships #reduced cost memberships. I was out of YC's between the ages 18 and 23 due to college then became a Jr member at my first club at 24 until 27. Was not a member for 3 years between 27 and 30 because I lived in a place where YC membership was not accessible due to, (what I assumed to be) that "Blue Blood" lineage thing, (Birmingham, AL) might be different now. As soon as I got to Dallas I got right back into a club at 36 and have been a member everywhere else I've lived since.
  10. The pure love and addiction to it along with always maintaining access by owning some kind of OD dingy all along the way. I cheated my way though many apartment leases by stuffing my laser in pretty obscure parking places during my younger years and used some not so "official" launch spots. Miami Beach causeway, (out of downtown) was interesting and fun. If you really love something and are passionate about it you'll find a way. No matter what, (unless of course you go to jail or something but then that's on you).
  11. there's been talk of this for years and Rooster put out a rig. Don't think it ever got much traction. The biggest "scare" we've had to date are the "c" rigs which I personally hope never see the light of day.
  12. As a side note. Beneteau shut down it's US mfg plant in Marion, SC. Actually- they announced they were closing it and within weeks it was bought by a fiberglass pool manufacturing company. Not one job was lost as all employees stayed, (I think they actually added some positions). Just goes to show that laying fiberglass is laying fiberglass...
  13. Agreed this will be interesting. US District 12 has seen a big increase in membership during the past 2 years.
  14. Interesting. I could not muster the energy to ever search for the "original" bet terms....
  15. Oh God, I feel a funny, full on derailment coming....
  16. Wess against the WORLD! Sounds like a great movie title. Opening scene, Wess is sitting in his full mahogany office, Pipe in the corner of his mouth, Glass of fine rum, (which he refuses to part with) in his hand. Yellowed, 24" x 36" Design drawings of the Laser in various stages taped all over the walls. He looks as if he hasn't bathed in weeks. Faint glow of the computed screen against his face as he stares at it while sitting in an opulent office chair, clutching his glass of rum and mumbling to himself...."The conspiracy is driving me mad...Those damn Chinese....and the nutters on SA..
  17. Put Robert Scheidt, (or any of the worlds top ILCA sailors) in all original 1970's Laser/ICLA's and you, (or anyone else following this thread) in a brand new Ovi, or PSA or take your pic of builder with all of the upgrades developed in the last 20 years and they kick all our asses. What say you to that? Here's what I say: If skill beats out the upgrades isn't it still OD?
  18. I didn't post any picks. Just honest reporting on my first had experiences with the new ZIM boats, some of the owners and the local dealer.
  19. But you're still in "that" game even if you buy a "Laser". Cause "Laser" says all "Lasers" built between 1970 whatever and the magic date in 2019 are also "Laser" class legal. By doing that though aren't they also killing the grass roots movement which is all weed, long hair, and cotton only clothing allowed?
  20. Better keep you "IMO" disclaimers in here. Remember when the SA boys got sued by the "big" (IMO) guy?
  21. Chances are if it has plastic on it or in it there are at least China components. What cell phone do you have? I was in that industry and back in 2006 every damn one of them was manufactured in China. Even RIM said they would "never" go to China but they did that year. The re-man locations we in places like Hungary.
  22. OMG guys. Let's get this back on something Wess can really sink his teeth into. It's time for my "Daily Wess poke" anyway. So, ILCA-NA is taking some time getting the new website up which is making it difficult to find out the status of your membership. Mine was expired so I re-upped. Annual dues have gone up $5 to $50. You used to get a $5 discount, (or $10 total) if you re-upped for 2 yrs. While that is gone you can select "auto-pay" to renew your membership and save $5. So, as an ILCA "representative" at the "entry level" of a D12 secretary I'm expecting my kickback to h
  23. I yam what I yam.
  24. Coffee maker broken today? You are particularly grumpy.....
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