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  1. Give the folks at Euro Marine Trading in Newport a call. They're the US distributors for Antal. They provide great service in my experience.
  2. I've sailed the CW Hood 32 several times in Newport, RI. Boat seemed to move along pretty well in light air. Was well behaved when the afternoon wind came up. In addition to being pretty, it is comfortable. The electric propulsion option was ahead of its time when I sailed one with that option. My impression is that Chris is a good guy and will deliver a great boat.
  3. My understanding is that the molds that were in the US no longer exist. The molds, as I understand it, were at US Watercraft, and were sold/cleaned out/destroyed as part of the bankruptcy proceedings. You might check with the Borges who are back in business under the name Squirrel Works dba Waterline systems (or they were anyway). Or Peter Johnstone, who purchased the assets of Alerion. Who knows, one of them may have ended up with the tooling.
  4. Prof. Oliver: as a former poli sci, econ and city planning professor, I find your view of Sandusky being 570 above sea level so as not to worry about sea level rise myopic at best. I suggest you check with other clubs around the Lakes. For example; the Milwaukee Yacht Club can no longer sell fuel due to lake level heights. Most of South Shore Yacht Club's docks were wiped out; partially do to water levels, and the water level causing catastrophic failure of a federal breakwall. (Lake Michigan is 580 feet above sea level) Similar situations have been occurring further north and across the
  5. Just curious, is this one of the sister ships to (I think) Gaucho, the Farr 44 that literally lapped the fleet one year at Key West. My understanding is that 2 or 3 sister ships were built. One was purchased by Larry Ellison. He sold it to someone I think in Detroit. It raced in the Great Lakes for a number of years. The story goes that each was optimized for certain conditions when built. Ellison's was optimized for light air.
  6. For the mods, you might want to contact John Mollicone (sailing coach at Brown). He raced on a 44.7 that won it's class and possibly more in the Bermuda Race, and told me they did a number of mods, but I didn't have time to go into it with him. John is a great sailor and a good guy, very approachable, and if he remembers I'm sure he'd share what they did.
  7. Don't know about the power side, but on the sail side, a number of major exhibitors had decided not to go to Annapolis this year. This may have also affected their decision.
  8. Loki the J/121 raced The Hook Race with a PHRF rating of 3. She went up about 4 feet in the mast. She took 3rd in PHRF 2, losing to a Farr 40 rating -12, and a J/160 rating -6.
  9. The J/109 in Milwaukee is still for sale. PM Sent.
  10. All of the suggestions are great one. But you should also consider the J/99 which was specifically designed for shorthanded cruising and racing. And there is one in Chicago. And while you're at it, you should look at the J/112e. Very quick cruiser racer, can easily be sailed shorthanded, raced, with a comfortable cruising interior.
  11. Hi Glenn: Can't help out on finding a copy of the Australian study. However, Bob Johnstone did a similar study here in the US some years ago. I never got a copy of the study, but I heard him present the findings at several US Sailing Conferences. You might want to contact him.
  12. Westrec has been the contracted manager for the Chicago Harbors for what, almost 20 years now. My knowledge is that the deal is not anywhere near as bad for the tax payers as the parking meter scandal. And back on topic, it will be a very tough year for SSYC.
  13. Just to be clear, the info I cited did not say the Queens Cup was canceled.Just that our slips would not be open this year. I'm assuming that the "Horse Shoe" and possibly fuel and launch docks will be open. Although that was not explicitly stated, nor was a time frame. You can read the Commodore's message in the club's newsletter at the SSYC webpage.
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