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  1. About 20 years ago or more, a guy at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center turbo'd his J/22. Put a bulb on the keel (bolt on from Mars I think) and added a sprit with an asymmetrical kite, and raced and cruised the boat single and short handed. I think the owner has passed. You might reach out to Holly at MCSC (she's been there long enough to remember the boat), or ask her to put you in touch with Peter who would definitely know the boat.
  2. Soundings Trade Only's back 3 or 4 pages usually has a couple of articles on boats sold by type; build material, sail or power, etc. Good first source. I'm sure NMMA has data for US and possibly Canadian boat's built. Good luck.
  3. Dehler 30OD base boat price is considerably less than $ 300K in the US.
  4. I worked with Garry during the ASAP evolving into Sail America era. I ran the sailing pool concept for the first 3 Sail Expos in Atlantic City for which he developed the "Expo Solar Sailor", sort of the test bench for the Hoyt Jib Boom. Tell him I send my congratulations and regards on his 90th.
  5. The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center had a fleet of these for years......and more years. You might try them and see if hey have some old pictures. Also, remember that these started out as a way to make a daysailor out of Harken/Vanguard's Flying Dutchman project. Hence, if you check out the rigging of a Flying Dutchman from that era, you might get some clues. Hope it works out.
  6. There is a typo in my post above. I meant to say that as far as I know the Winnipeg fleet did not have cracking problems. Also per Sailwriter's experience (Hi Dave), the JY factory advised owners of any JY produced boat in hot weather/sunny areas (like Texas) to cover their boats with a light colored cover. However, depending on when the hull was replaced, there was no guarantee that the replacement hull was constructed from "good" plastic, unfortunately.
  7. As the former Midwest Factory Rep for JY Sailboats, let me respond to some of this. The plastic issue was really a case of when. The first 400 JY-15s were offered to be replaced with no questions asked, for the cost of $ 400. This was the cost of a new set of JY-15 sails that came with the replacement boat. The problem here was the Dow Chemical provided a plastic that did not conform to the specifications for the process, which if my memory serves me was call ACT. The process was being licensed from another company built stuff other than sailboats. The affected boats were called "lu
  8. You can fully kit out a J/99 for a lot less than $ 400K USD
  9. Take a look at the forward deck cover for the Marlow-Hunter 18. Just about exactly what you're looking for. Attached with snaps, with batterns inserted into pockets that bow the cover upwards. Probably a different size than the one for your boat, but it could be a good starting point. Give Brett Leary at Marlow Hunter and call and ask him where they source this item. Good luck. Nice looking boat.
  10. Give the folks at Euro Marine Trading in Newport a call. They're the US distributors for Antal. They provide great service in my experience.
  11. I've sailed the CW Hood 32 several times in Newport, RI. Boat seemed to move along pretty well in light air. Was well behaved when the afternoon wind came up. In addition to being pretty, it is comfortable. The electric propulsion option was ahead of its time when I sailed one with that option. My impression is that Chris is a good guy and will deliver a great boat.
  12. My understanding is that the molds that were in the US no longer exist. The molds, as I understand it, were at US Watercraft, and were sold/cleaned out/destroyed as part of the bankruptcy proceedings. You might check with the Borges who are back in business under the name Squirrel Works dba Waterline systems (or they were anyway). Or Peter Johnstone, who purchased the assets of Alerion. Who knows, one of them may have ended up with the tooling.
  13. Prof. Oliver: as a former poli sci, econ and city planning professor, I find your view of Sandusky being 570 above sea level so as not to worry about sea level rise myopic at best. I suggest you check with other clubs around the Lakes. For example; the Milwaukee Yacht Club can no longer sell fuel due to lake level heights. Most of South Shore Yacht Club's docks were wiped out; partially do to water levels, and the water level causing catastrophic failure of a federal breakwall. (Lake Michigan is 580 feet above sea level) Similar situations have been occurring further north and across the
  14. Just curious, is this one of the sister ships to (I think) Gaucho, the Farr 44 that literally lapped the fleet one year at Key West. My understanding is that 2 or 3 sister ships were built. One was purchased by Larry Ellison. He sold it to someone I think in Detroit. It raced in the Great Lakes for a number of years. The story goes that each was optimized for certain conditions when built. Ellison's was optimized for light air.
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