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  1. Check in with Snapper - He has done the same thing with a Holder 20.
  2. Seems like if it is a boat with some legacy, selling them with the boat would be cool so they stay connected. Write your name or sign them to mark your place in history. If they aren't going to be used by the new owner of the old boat, you should keep them and fly them on the new boat. But pick out the best of the best ones that you have memories of winning, and mark on the flags that they are from the old boat. And then as they get tired or as you win new ones you can replace them with new regatta flags. Say every time you get a new flag that you won with the new boat, you retire an
  3. I would have expected something a bit more modern and easier to read/use. Seems like it is an old elevator control pad...
  4. Maybe the jib has too much twist in it, and it is letting the bow come up. Get the lead correct on the jib and see if helps hold the bow down instead of fighting the boat with that much rudder. Then trim the main correctly and drop the traveler to leeward to reduce the weather helm.
  5. I don't think this is a MORC boat, but the size and price seems good for a boat that might be fun to sail. https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/boa/d/sequim-1981-santana-23d-sailboat-trailer/7145797635.html
  6. I've been sailing Stars since 1995 and I feel most comfortable working under the boat when I have these holding the boat up. The stuff from Melges is good and rated for the weight. To save a little you can get the thumb screw shackles, it just takes a minute longer to set up in the boat. Only matters when you are running late to make it onto the tow out to the races!! I think you need to get 2 of each - https://shop.melges.com/product-tag/melges-24-lifting-strap/ https://shop.melges.com/product/melges-24/hull-melges-24/melges-24-lifting-strap-snap-hook/ Other shackle option -
  7. Loosen the bolts a little then wrap some of the very thin Spectra/Dyneema back and forth then re-tighten. Just like your red lines you drew on the photo.
  8. Ok, I'll admit, I haven't read every post. But didn't the original video of the boat show it with the mast down on the deck??? Where did it go???
  9. What I use is Pretoria. http://www.fonts101.com/fonts/view/Fancy/18698/Pretoria Let me know if you need any logos made, I have over 1,500 Mainsail Insignias on file, and can make them as vinyl or insignia cloth stickers. email me at ExpressiveMarine@gmail.com
  10. Latest and Greatest, well at least from 2016. Not sure if it has been posted before, but I hadn't seen it before. Check this out!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MtS2WW2Jyo
  11. Bump, come on the guy must have added something to the "boat" (if it can be called that) in the last few weeks????
  12. Pog

    Seascape 27

    How will the swing keel work on a crane hoist for launching? I am used to boats like a melges 24 were the keel is attached to the lifting bridle when launching the boat.
  13. BUMP, this guy has got to be close to launching/sinking. Any updates from the people nearby??
  14. That looks awesome, time to start playing the lottery.
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