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  1. That is most succinct summary of TE's "content" I have read in a long time. It baffles me that anyone still takes him seriously.
  2. The 50m penalty not being worth it is not really correct in my opinion. JS knew he was in a compromised position and would be controlled by ETNZ coming off the boundary and it would be race over given the lack of passing lanes we've seen so far. If he had been successful drawing the penalty with what was admittedly a low-% luff, he would have taken the lead and controlled the race. As we've seen in these races there's a big difference between leading and covering vs chasing down / trying to pass so it's worth the trailing boat trying the 50/50 moves IMO
  3. That was exactly the Day 1 this event needed. A 2-0 thumping by either team would have been very bad and we'd be left with an inevitable 7-0 series with little interest left. Now we know that both boats are competitive with slightly different strengths and weaknesses and the ability to win races off the other. I don't think the LR advantage in the light is as great as some think though so I'm hoping we'll see a continuation of yesterday with either team capable of winning irrespective of the conditions. Hopefully they can move this back to the North Head course soon because that seems to o
  4. I believe there's a reason why Gabe Newell came on with a "watch this space". The Emirates execs describe ETNZ as one of their best sponsorship investments, but they will surely be forced to seriously consider whether they continue under-writing big check campaigns.
  5. Sure, but for optics I'll only be able to pay you $900k. I'm sure you'll understand.
  6. Agree, there is zero chance anyone will offer him that. And if they do, I'm available for a cheap $1m a year
  7. I believe Dalton takes over $3m a year for his role, so it's a little disingenuous to say money isn't a factor as it's a great cash-cow if you can get part of it. EDIT: also hearing rumors this may be GD's last cycle as CEO, with Shoebridge lined to take over and Dalton stepping into more of an Exec Chairman role (still on decent pay though I'm sure )
  8. And it's also complete BS. The early design parameters were released to all parties in late 2017/early 2018 and contained enough detail for design teams to begin preliminary work, especially on their simulator. That's the real advantage that ETNZ and LR had - they entered with much more sophisticated design tools than the other teams. Presumably Ineos and AM will have similar head starts to new teams in the next cycle which is just how the AC works.
  9. Was that the day Percy and co were dodging parts coming off the Artemis boat? That's actually a great example as it was the absolute upper range of those boats and from memory the tacks were still very labored with massive boat speed losses (often 10+ kn) through each maneuver
  10. I re-watched one of the Bermuda races posted here recently and thought the same. They look pedestrian and very labored through maneuvers compared to the 75s
  11. Fuck me, I've looked at these boats thousands of times and have only now just seen what you're talking about - looks like the beak of a Kiwi. I always assumed that ETNZ had a licensing agreement in place to use the Carolina Hurricanes' logo
  12. On the proviso that there are no gatherings of over 100 (i.e. no crowds). This was flagged by the government as a concern in the Prada Cup discussions and ACE was not able to give them absolute assurances it wouldn't be an issue hence the delay request. Ironically, as it turns out LR's actions ended up justifying the concern as they reportedly had more than 100 on base for the final race with no social distancing in breach of the Level 2 protocols. If the AC racing goes ahead in Level 2 next week there will be very explicit instructions from the government to the teams to follow the rules.
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