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  1. If you're not going to be doing racing changes, soft shackles will do you just fine, otherwise, you don't need to go top dollar for wichards or tylaskas, just an ordinary pull pin will do you.
  2. Not nearly as many as get talked about on Web forums. I'd guess less than half a dozen penalties or warnings a year Australia wide. Web published hearing decision for major Sydney clubs in last 18 months NIL. And I haven't heard the jungle drums about any others around here. Bear in mind that protest committees * don't necessarily publish decisions other than to the parties, * don't necessarily report all penalties or warnings to the MNA, and * will almost never publish decisions not to hold a hearing. Actual Figures are impossible to get.
  3. Agree. POV boat is starboard tack, right of way, entitled to mark-room from all the boats except the 53026 and 51541 which she passes astern of as they round the mark. Don't agree that any boas were 'stalled' or 'parked' all were making way through the water under control, albeit the port tack boats to leeward of the mark were in disturbed air and not going very fast. Ducking 40195 and 40326 and protesting would have cost POV a huge amount of time and distance on the boats that had already rounded. The only rule that POV could possibly break was rule 14. I g
  4. I didn't mean to suggest that you were the one suggesting the blasting. Maybe, but it sounds a bit like blaming the victim to me. A boat certainly has no obligation to try to fix what they think is a race committee mistake.
  5. I think that only goes part of the way. The fact scenario for Case 128 was that the race committee did directly observe the boat. It says nothing about the case where the race committee did not directly observe the boat. I remain of the view that if the race committee has sufficient evidence to conclude, on the balance of probabilities, that a boat has not sailed the course, it should so score her, no matter what the source of the evidence (provided it is credible). (And a race committee has no power to hold a 'hearing' of any kind). Yes, I understand that difference. I th
  6. Which rule or case says this? It used to be a proud boast of US Judges that US Judge training emphasized not to put anything into the rules that wasn't actually written in the rule book. Has that changed?:
  7. Supposing that the SI are similar to the sample I posted, I don't think this is the right interpretation of the SI. I think the interpretation is that the 7, 1, and 3 numerals are to be substituted for the W, J, and L letters so that the race committee displays the list of marks to be rounded. That's the common way for a blackboard/whiteboard course display to work. I don't know about 'drive the point home'. I would suggest that a bit more examination of race committee procedures and actions is warranted to approach the root cause of the problem. For example, while the PRO might h
  8. Meant to have a line eye spliced tight around the 'roller', like a J Lock, or captive main halyard shackle?
  9. Here is an relevant extract from the OA standard SI Courses Addendum A Sailing Instructions – 2021 Oklahoma City Boat Club 7. Courses: (2) Course designation on the course board may be signaled as follows: ... G Gold Cup – (W-J-L-W-finish) O Olympic – (W-J-L-W-L-finish) ... If a permanent mark is used it will be designated on the course board as follows where “n” is the mark number: W= # n, J= # n, L= # n Assuming that something like that was written in the SI, the Oral Briefing to Competitors was consistent with the SI. If the Oral Briefing to C
  10. Which is a bit odd because PHS is most 'accurate' or 'valid' when a series pointscore smoothes out lucky breaks, and conditions in a particular race favouring a particular boat.
  11. Yes, unless the SI require you to declare changes, in which case th race committee can arbitrarily adjust your TCF
  12. No answer for this is there. Yes. It's a handicap. What if a horse in handicap races is consistently beats other horses? You give him more weight.
  13. Prolly be more bewildered if we told them the name for that score.
  14. Will Sail wave do PHRF TOD?
  15. Here are the steps to set up and run a rolling average Performance Handicap System (PHS). PHS uses Time Correction Factor (TCF) which is the factor by which the Elapsed Time of a boat is multiplied to produce a Corrected Time, on which results are based. A boat's TCF for each subsequent race is the rolling average of her Race TCFs for the best 5 of the last 6 races. Convert boats' PHRF ratings to TOT TCFs (there's a formula around). Set up 5 dummy TCFs for each boat, as follows 1) Initial TCF calculated from PHRF or wherever, 2) Initial TCF - 1xStandard Deviation, 3) Init
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