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  1. One of the earliest Leading Edge Inflatable kites for kitesurfing, probably from 1999, sadly missing the bladders so I could not even try it out on my modern bar. 3.5m means it was really a trainer unless it was truly cranking. Kept it as a potential museum piece, and it is indeed going to a museum in the Netherlands.
  2. Still lots of countries in South America and South Asia struggling mightily. The UK has shown spectacular success, even had a day with no covid deaths this week, largely due to their accelerated roll out of vaccination including deferring the second dose for three months to get most of the population partially vaccinated as quickly as possible. The US not quite so good as we did not take that approach, plus we have lots of covidiots who will not get vaccinated and prefer to get natural immunity.
  3. And now up to at least 66% of sequenced strains in the US. The only other variant able to start spreading in the face of the UK strain is the P1 from Brazil, still only at 5%. Even the various California B.1.526 strains are starting to fade, having peaked around 10%. Indian B.1.167 strains are just getting started, and South African B.1.351 has barely reached 1%. And as far as we know all four of these variants of concern are fairly well controlled by the current vaccines, so while these strains are now what the unvaccinated are catching, and a few unlucky vaccinated folk will get reinfected w
  4. Let's see. My post was about electricity. Yours is about covid cases, I presume. Are you really this stupid? Why not just fuck off newbie?
  5. Local community is 43% two doses and 55% single dose (pop over 16 years old), we are slowly getting there. Sadly, just over 70% fully vaccinated for folk over 65 and hence we still have deaths among those stupid enough not to get vaccinated. Most cases now are in younger people, and while few of them die, some are still ending up in hospital. State of Illinois has now decided that rate of immunization as well as case levels and hospitalization percentages will determine re-opening. But trends are all positive so we should move to next level of opening next week, and hopefully fully open
  6. I got my four small hummingbird feeders out now because I saw a ruby-throat male at the lake yesterday, and this afternoon the strangest thing, a Baltimore oriole handing upside down on one feeder sucking all the sugar water out of it. Refilled it and he is back at it! Not only have I never had an oriole in the garden before, I've certainly never seen this behavior. BUT, lots of other folks have, apparently when spring is cold, which ours is now. https://www.courierpress.com/story/news/local/2018/05/09/birds-why-we-seeing-orioles-hummingbird-feeders/597286002/
  7. I must be an exception to the Dad-taught-me rule. Parents enrolled me in Sea Scouts in the coastal city of East London in South Africa. Age 12 I was sent off by train to join about 20 other Sea Scouts at the navy base in Saldanha Bay near Cape Town for a 10-day sailing course. Altogether a miserable experience, woken before dawn, make beds, miserable mess food, run everywhere outside of buildings, classes on sailing, ropes, knots, weather, etc in the morning, then either sailing or rowing in open "whaler" boats on the bay in the afternoon. Rowing would give us blisters, then the next day holdi
  8. Time to head out, Foolish (and thanks for all the single-handed tips)
  9. Which shows that the YouTube channel's most important role is to recruit Patreons, which must be providing over $100k per year to keep things going, what with hiring an additional shipwright, etc.
  10. Some countries are in worse shape than the US during the winter, which takes some real incompetence, right up there with the Trumpists. Others are getting there.
  11. BUT, BUT, it can't possibly be killing people, it's just a little flu!
  12. UK variant 60% of US sequenced strains as of early April, probably over 70% by now. Of course Kate will be here to explain how this came to be without this variant being more transmissable.
  13. Locally we are now at 40% with two doses and 50% with one. We have tons of vaccine and having opened up to everyone over 16, the university and some high school students are now getting vaccinated. But we have pockets of intransigence, including a local newspaper opinion writer who opined about not being willing to inject something into his body. i just had a most excellent week kitesurfing in Cape Hatteras with 30 longtime windsurfing and kiting friends from the Midwest, four large adjacent houses on the sound. All fully vaccinated and so no masks worn indoors or out for a week, only nee
  14. Almost back, as always will be interesting to read his log, he usually puts some good thoughts in there. Not relevant but Evan’s observation that the water he’s been sailing in has been warm, takes me back to last week when we were kitesurfing at Cape Hatteras and the water off Frisco was extremely cold, even in a wetsuit, and crystal clear and blue/green. Combined with thousands of porpoises foraging we must have had a strange current eddy.
  15. I hope to get back to my boat in Panama after 15 months away in June, and spend a month in the San Blas islands, covid and my rotator cuff surgery recovery willing.
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