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  1. Well, at least the kids have matured a little. I remember cringing at some of their earlier videos. They had great conditions leaving Australia.
  2. We are getting closer to finding the bits and pieces of SARS-CoV-2 in the wild. So much for the OP claim that this virus was engineered to infect humans. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/10/14/world/covid-delta-variant-vaccine#viruses-newly-found-in-bats-can-hook-human-cells-the-way-covid-does-scientists-say
  3. Yeah, I looked at a few new and it is crazy
  4. Well, I've already painted it. No doubt not a good job, but aesthetics don't matter that much to me. I'm thinking I will go ahead with purchasing the 6' 3"OD tube to allow me to extend the pole from 12' to 16' length, adding 8 pounds to the weight of it. It would simplify things to transport that piece as well now rather than later. Not cheap though at $170, more than I paid for the pole and whisker! Total cost of this exercise is approaching $500, and probably some more fittings to come.
  5. 99.9% now, impressive, but also becoming reassuring that this might be the last variant for a while, and that our vaccines work for it.
  6. What's the mood in Tasmania with this infected guy from NSW wandering around for a few hours?
  7. I'm very glad to have delayed my Moderna second shot for two months instead of the recommended one month. It allowed someone else to get their first shot a month earlier than they otherwise would have in the midst of our second wave and it almost certainly conferred greater immunity on me (I had managed to avoid the virus for a year and was confident I could do it for an extra month). I have no regrets and continue to believe it is the best approach. I note that many experts more versed in immunology than me recommended even longer intervals of three months, and some governments agreed with th
  8. Your point? Even risk of long covid, which is surely far less than for unvaccinated given that symptomatic infection of vaccinated is far lower than for unvaccinated, is insignificant compared with ending up in hospital and possible dead.
  9. Nothing compared with what happened to this anti-vaxxer, and he was only 24 leaving wife and kid behind - https://www.sorryantivaxxer.com/post/ryan-vaughn-24-florence-ms-anti-vaxxer-in-icu-with-covid BUT, USA will soon re-open borders to Canadians and Mexicans who are vaccinated, anti-vaxxers not welcome across at least some borders.
  10. That's why I try to respond sometimes to the crap that KFSB and others spew, but without quoting them to limit their damage.
  11. Nope, will be white like it is already. I will not claim these are skis, so if they ask I will explain they are needed for a my racing sailboat, sports equipment, HA!
  12. Thanks Sloop. My wife pushed me to try simply spraying it with vinegar and that cleaned up the corrosion nicely. I will try the zinc chromate primer and then paint.
  13. My 1989 PSC34 bought two years ago in Panama on the Caribbean side does not have a spinnaker pole. I don't plan on running a symmetrical spinnaker (I have an asym). Instead I want a pole as a whisker pole to hold the roughly 120% genny out going downwind (I previously posted about this topic and was advised at least a 2" and preferably 2.5" OD pole would be suitable). I was in Anacortes a few weeks ago and at Northern Rigging discovered a rather derelict 2.5" OD and 12' long pole with piston ends (which eventually loosened up and work well now). The guy threw in a smaller 8' whisker pole (whic
  14. Thanks again. I'm leaning to a new unit. Opening the old one revealed no corrosion, but also no obvious fuse, at least to me, and replacing the on/off knob looks complicated (the unit does not power on and the knob does not click as it is turned on the way it use to). Plus on closer inspection the screen is all bubbled up.
  15. Wondering where "up here" is, Varan. Local paper just summarized some local hospital system stats. There have been 2,631 patients who survived and 501 deaths, so that's 1/6 who ended up in hospital died. No age stats however, presumably those were generally older and more comorbidities. Currently 81 in hospital of which 17 are vaccinated, and 18 of those are in ICU with 2 of them vaccinated. Our county is around 55% fully vaccinated at this point, but around 75% vaccinated for older folk over 60, so assuming most of those in hospital and ICU are older folk, those large numbers come from t
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