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  1. 22 years after the fact I didn't think it necessary
  2. You prolly don't like the Warhol M1 either then...
  3. Scooter got jacked in Bressi Ranch?
  4. Seriously sexy; Alpine A110 Berlinette 1300G
  5. How can I ignore this?
  6. I inherited my parents teak that was in the sun for years. Bleached white, with black in the crevice's. Took a power washer to blast the grime out of the low spots to make them all white then applied a few coats of Watco teak oil after they dried out and they looked brand new! Two years thereafter I had to apply another coat to the bench that faces the South, but haven't had to do a thing to the chairs that are North facing...
  7. The parts department guys were Gods to me when I was keeping my Saab together in high school...
  8. The only time I have ever puked on a boat was on Seduction (tied up at Parker's Lighthouse after being at the bar too long)!
  9. When I home brewed, I'd just wash the recycled bottles on hot in the dishwasher with normal dishwasher soap. Never had a problem.
  10. Four straight nights after work. Plus an hour each night after normal bed time. And the f'ers still aren't done.
  11. Tall or short rig? I was on a tall in '85? in Pedro and we got second. The year before the boat got a chevron (or was it a diamond).
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