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  1. Mr. Baldwin was allegedly practicing his draw. Why wasn't the pistol empty? No need for bullets, or blanks. Pretty easy to verify an empty state for Armorer, Asst. Producer or Anti-Gun Nut making a living with a gun, yes? Yes, a huge cluster in the performance of the employees and their procedures on this set. This is how "accidents" happen.
  2. Thanks for the desert Hobot!
  3. What was the guy's handle that owned a cabinet/finish carpentry shop? Is he too banned? I'd think he'd chime in here.
  4. Z, realized after I posted that you probably weren't there for your proposal. Anyone else know the answer?
  5. Zonk, What are luaus called in Guam? Nice lady at lunch said they have their own term, but couldn't remember from her childhood days living there. Thanks, FD
  6. Hope you stopped by San Pedro Brewing Co., had the Calamari and a Dominator...
  7. Why isn't tomorrow a TTT?
  8. My 70's... Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! - YouTube
  9. With respect, damn, you are old!
  10. Amazing article! I have been searching for this type of document for ages. The scrap books, etc. that we have really don't mention a lot of what is written here. My Grandfather was President/Majority Owner of API. He was flying his single engine plane to DC to sign a contract with the Government to start production. Sadly, ice formed on his plane's wings and he didn't survive the emergency landing. After his death, the remaining copters (I was told five iterations) were destroyed and the Minority Owners sold or merged as mentioned in the article. A few years before my Father's death,
  11. My Grandfather in his creation...
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