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  1. Random Luna Rossa/Prada connection. NBA player speaking after last nights Houston/Nets game while wearing a 2007 Luna Rossa team jacket? https://twitter.com/MarkBermanFox26/status/1468800015946690561?s=20
  2. Apology from Equifax CEO, Tom Equifax Good morning, America. I’m Tom Equifax, founder & CEO of Equifax. As you’ve probably read, a hacker recently gained access to a couple of files, which contained extensive personal & financial information for 143 million Americans. It even had some Social Security and credit card numbers in it, which is going to mean big trouble for a whole lot of people. And I’m sorry that any of you think I give a shit. I mean, look. I even put this apology behind a paywall. That’s how much I don’t care. Really, my misanthropy should be obvious.
  3. Didn't the Israeli's use something similar to this to off an Iranian nuclear scientist recently? Not mobile, but car/truck mounted. Something like this. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/dec/07/mohsen-fakhrizadeh-iran-says-ai-and-satellite-controlled-gun-used-to-kill-nuclear-scientist
  4. I read a book on weird phenomena many years ago that had a chapter called Spontaneous Human Combustion. The takeaway was that yes, it did happen, albeit very very rarely, and that the one thing in common with all the cases was that it happened to very obese people that happened to be very drunk.
  5. Mind if park my Sub in front of your YC?
  6. My guess is they push the decision out to a future date. None of the current options that we know about are ideal for TNZ. I wouldn’t think it’s hurts their credibility to say we need a little more time and are still evaluating options.
  7. I used to take the ferry home from work in Rydalmere to Circular Quay and would drink a couple of beers that I bought at a local shop, as you said, nobody seemed to care. That would have been 1994/5?
  8. TNT was donated to Cal Maritime. Not sure what happened to it after that?
  9. The Cooksons built High Five is on a mooring in Moro Bay California. Saw it there a couple of weeks ago.
  10. They look good going through the water though. IMG_0891.MOV
  11. Lexington and Saratoga were originally laid up as battle cruisers, then converted to aircraft carriers part way through the build.
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