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  1. Well, Gardini built 5 Il Moro's, so it makes sense that the one down here wanted to join its friend up north?
  2. The boat lived down on the Alameda Estuary till last summer. There was an article in Latitude 38 about a crew that sailed it north from the SF Bay Area to Vancouver. Better men than I...
  3. I took an English co-worker of my wife’s to a baseball game. We went to get a couple of beers before the first pitch, only to be informed that “we do not serve beer during the playing of the National Anthem sir”... so that’s one thing wrong with playing it before sporting events.
  4. Set up an Olympic diving style scoring system. You discard your best and your worst score. Pro drives your boat, you get to learn something without screwing up every one else’s series.
  5. I drove a buddies 47 Morgan a couple of months ago in the hills behind Santa Barbara. Right hand drive, with a none synchro manual gearbox that had first gear in the upper right...Actually really fun till it overheated. Apparently the older Morgans used something called a Hydro-Syphon to cool the engine as opposed to a water pump. Car design really has a come a long way in the last 70 years.
  6. I had the opposite experience, I was driving my 70 Electra 225 convertible when a kid ran the stop sign in front of me. They needed a fork lift to pick up the, brand new still had paper plates, pick up truck and put it on a flat bed. I had to stop and fill the punctured radiator up, but I drove the Buick to work that morning.
  7. Thanks, We are having a lot of fun with them. All the boats are equally slow so the racing stays pretty close.
  8. Columbia 5.5 meter. We have a small one design fleet, 12 boats of which 9 are actively raced, on the Oakland/Alameda estuary in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  9. Got our first race of the season in a few weeks ago, now doing a short handed Wednesday night series.
  10. Bummer if this is true, had a couple of bottom jobs done there and really liked those guys. By the way, Isn’t British Marine in Oakland?
  11. I have the red Mt Gay hat from the 2001 BBS. I don't think they ever distributed them, its the only Mt Gay hat that I own.
  12. I sent mine in for renewal mid March, still haven’t gotten it back. They cashed the check the day they got it though.
  13. Alameda Marina's latest trick is to no longer supply water and power to liveaboards at least the one on the eastern side the marina. They got that notice earlier this week.
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