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  1. They look good going through the water though. IMG_0891.MOV
  2. San Francisco city hall.
  3. Lexington and Saratoga were originally laid up as battle cruisers, then converted to aircraft carriers part way through the build.
  4. What rating did they give the boat?
  5. Slow early, extreme 40 cat finished around 5.
  6. Symmetrical kite on the SC-52 we did 22 gybes, actually pretty civilized. First mono to finish, corrected into 90th out of 92.
  7. My ride just bailed, first one I am going to miss in a long time.
  8. Yes, there was a fight in Texas that was attended by 75,000 spectators. But they all had the option of not attending yet made the choice to be there. This Olympics is basically being forced on the people of Japan who have made it pretty clear that they do not want it.
  9. 10,000 athletes, plus how many journalists, coaches, officials, hangers on etc? At what number does it become too much? Some Reports have the number closer to 80,000 https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/may/20/organisers-of-tokyo-olympics-press-ahead-despite-covid-fears?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  10. Columbia's mid 60s attempt at a one design 5.5 meter, based on an Olympic winning 5.5 design out of Sweden. They built about 40 of them. There is an active one design fleet of about 8-10 boats still racing in the Oakland/Alameda estuary. Not particularly fast, but fun in flat water against other 5.5s. having said that there is a guy who does Antigua Classics in his. Somewhat active Facebook page for the estuary fleet here, that has links to articles and history if you dig around. https://www.facebook.com/columbia-55-sailboats-123504940241
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