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  1. How would we know the population of boats that have considered doing the race but have chosen not to because of cost and complication and intimidation of safety equipment?
  2. Races run this way make me not want to participate - even in a beer can, it's frustrating to not get flags/courses/horns/finishes correct. I think asking people to shape up is quite alright. I've done serious and beercan RC, and would not be offended to be called out if I was not on my game.
  3. Would it be more conservative to go south of long island. What do you use for keeping track of tides? Book? App?
  4. I just bought my 3rd C&C 35-1 in NY and I need to get it back to Detroit. My justification for the $ is that I'm bored AF and the Erie Canal would be a bucket list item. Plus it's my old man's 80th B-day in May and he is stoked to do this together. The boat is in East Hampton NY and I can probably leave as early as April 15 and need to be in Detroit by July 1 (but goal is June 1). I read that the Erie canal opens May 21. I'm told there might be closures that would force me to go via Oswego, but I like the idea of the Erie staying protected. I literally know nothing... bought boa
  5. Never sell the boat. We are on season #50; some of the older brag flags are getting a little tired.
  6. All of us are wondering what happened though.
  7. We use a freeflying dazy with steel luff cable on our C&C 35-1.
  8. Don't worry, they have an episode for that! We've got people that are prepping RVs, military vehicles, underground bunkers, a guy who bought a decommissioned nuclear missile silo that's full of rain water that he intends to drink with his captured bride, etc.... something for everyone!
  9. It's been a lonely holiday, so don't interrogate me too much on WHY I watched this... but flame away on the Iron Maiden, a survivalist camp that floats. Doomsday Preppers streaming on Netflix has an episode about this bloke: https://www.offthegridnews.com/religion/the-nautical-prepper-interview-with-captain-bill-simpson/
  10. Can anyone recommend a hydraulic pump shop that you've used to rebuild a backstay adjuster?
  11. Put some kind of large cage around the pump(s) to keep out debris. when my boat flooded up to the cabinetry while racing all kinds of floatsome degraded and clogged the pump and we were left with buckets and running the engine intake hose into the bilge water out of desperation.
  12. Link to a source to read up? Google not finding enough to sate my curiosity
  13. In the era of social distancing, only 2 boats signed up for doublehanded in the CASRA July series? Anyone else? https://www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=13060
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