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  1. Laser with Vang off sailing by the lee is far more stable than DDW or broad reach with boned on vang. Sourch: am laser sailer.
  2. Like others have stated. At least in the US, road and marine diesels are the same. When I bought my boat the tank had become overcome with algae, snot, "bug" from sitting for 2+ years with a bad o-ring on the cap. Unfortunately the tank was boxed in by the engine so there was no way to remove it to clean or replace. Instead I drained the tank as best as i could and filled with my new special mix after reading about how to solve this. I buy from the road stations and like others have stated treat it myself with my own additives. I use Rislone 4740 as a treatment and Biobor JF for the b
  3. Is there a dealer in the US or do you have to import?
  4. I upped the board winch to a 30 self-tailer to hopefully prevent this from happening.
  5. You may want to check with the class association as they may know of a board that could be laying around. Nationals are in Holland next week. You better bet that i'm going to dive and inspect the shit out of mine before i put it on the trailer.
  6. I would think the southerners are probably doing tri/bi state
  7. We do have tides however they are generally measured in fractions of an inch to an inch or two, not feet like most salt water folks are used to. Barometric pressure and wind friction have a much larger impact on our water levels than the gravitational pull of the moon does.
  8. Does the hull have a scum line stain on it? I wonder if the sandbag was to keep it upright while afloat on a mooring or something?
  9. Farzad Rastegar, ILCA, The Laser Class, FRAND, Zim, LP, PSA, Kirby, law suit, Construction Manual, trademark, parts availability. There. You had to bring it up...
  10. Back in the day there used to be an option to turn off the lightning strikes and storms and such as various chart "layers". Perhaps this is a function of your B&G device that can't toggle them off.
  11. For those who keep saying get sailing out of the Olympics, please stop. There are several community sailing centers that obtain not-for-profit and tax-exempt status on the premise that they are "AMATEUR ATHLETIC ORGANIZATIONS" and they have mission statements stating "to foster national or international sports competition."
  12. This. The steady mind-fuck is what keeps me coming back.
  13. If the Class Association doesn't have them, your next best bet is to go to the rating systems like ORR or ORC. They have VPP packages that you can buy that will give you the metrics you need.
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