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  1. For those who keep saying get sailing out of the Olympics, please stop. There are several community sailing centers that obtain not-for-profit and tax-exempt status on the premise that they are "AMATEUR ATHLETIC ORGANIZATIONS" and they have mission statements stating "to foster national or international sports competition."
  2. This. The steady mind-fuck is what keeps me coming back.
  3. If the Class Association doesn't have them, your next best bet is to go to the rating systems like ORR or ORC. They have VPP packages that you can buy that will give you the metrics you need.
  4. I'm pretty sure the J Boats has always asserted control over who builds their boats.
  5. I think one aspect being overlooked is the IOC's requirement for FRAND (Fair, responsible and Non-Discriminatory) access to equipment. Those that follow the laser class saw what happened when the class had to allow more builders access to making Lasers by changing fundamental rules. You really think J-boats is going to allow the J70 to be built by "whomever"?
  6. Confused if what you want is a polar chart, or a sail selection chart.
  7. 5200 fixes that.
  8. Our program is likely sticking with buffs again this year - even though contrary to what the CDC says as far as effective protection. The reality is that for dinghy sailing capsizes happen and: 1. multi layer masks get clogged with the water from bow spray or waves and need to be temporarily removed from the face until they dry - sailors run the risk of losing them 2. the initial gasp from immersion during a capsize almost always immediately initiates a reaction to remove the mask - another risk of losing them. Our take is that while they may not provide nearly the same protec
  9. One of the smaller S2 Grand Slams 6.7, 6.9 or 5.5 might do you well.
  10. Chicago had a huge uptick in Laser sailors as well and boats are scarce. 15YO hulls are fetching over $5k.
  11. S. Florida master's circuit starts in a week and a half. I'm excited to attend.
  12. https://pbsail.org/regatta/szuMHTcNg5 https://www.regattanetwork.com/event/21473
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