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  1. oh good now we're at speeds at all the old curmudgeons been asking for
  2. I am guessing they didn't realize how much pace they had on them, and look for breeze. Huge mistake
  3. It seems like dirty air is something that isn't super well understood at these speeds yet... Like Nathan just mentioned that ETNZ gybed through both their own bad air and also LR's bad air. Seems like these teams (especially ETNZ) haven't really factored that in enough to their maneuvers. What do you guys think
  4. what exactly do you reason everyone's doing on the boat, then?
  5. You can't even watch in America live though, at all. The broadcast rules of the Cup in America are monumentally stupid. It's hard to believe the people running this thing care about viewership numbers even in the slightest
  6. Kenny's explanation for the start penalty makes it make even less sense to me So they both got OCS penalties when the boats were equal. INEOS "gained an advantage" after the split, so then they have to get behind by 50m. 1. I don't understand the 50m things, that certainly isn't a good rule. Knowing this, Italy could have sandbagged 1 boat length and claimed they gained an advantage. Or executed a poor tack and INEOS would be penalized for it. 2. Secondly, the right side of the course was favored (it was because of the starboard favored end), so on an even split you would
  7. I think being ahead at these speeds is more of an advantage than we're used to since you can see the pressure and sail into it. Especially with sea breeze like today. So Italy can pretty easily pick the right side. So INEOS is forced to split to catch up, but they never gain an advantage since it's never the better side.
  8. They both had OCS penalties which offset... Then they added another one on to INEOS a bit later once JS made his case, so I thought that was 2 INEOS and 1 LR but maybe I honestly it wasn't clear what they called anyway
  9. I guess the thing that wasn't clear is if there was a windward leeward penalty or not... It looked like Prada just barely gave INEOs enough time to keep clear, and they did, so it didn't look like a WL penalty to me but I assume that's what made the difference there
  10. But didn't Italy also get an advantage? By luffing up and being OCS?
  11. I don't understand how that penalty went 2x to INEOS...
  12. I guess I'm not alone thinking the race was tonight Come to think of it... how do flat earthers explain the international dateline? Do they do a better job at it than the webmaster of the America's cup?
  13. Is everyone here just playing along or do we all know that she's his wife?
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