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  1. Farr 11s could be a thing, offshore might be a bit sporty.... https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2009/farr-11s-2519032/
  2. There is an Olson 34 for sale in Lake Union could be a nice fit. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1990/olson-olson-34-3824021/
  3. 1985 Farr 50, in her past life.
  4. Hot and cold running water, hydronic heat, water maker, and a freezer that makes ice... She does the trick.
  5. Back in her glory days. K-711 Great Expectations Ex. Yeoman XXVII Ex. Great Expectations
  6. Hi there,

    My name is Guus Broekman from Amsterdam. Me and some friends have bought the Whisper. The boat that you talked about earlier in 2013. It is a Frers design and was custom built in Connecticut. I would like to come in contact because we are going to sail her back to Amsterdam this juli! Would you like to join us for a day trip and tell us something about her? Please let me know. 

    You could add me on FB as well if that is easier.

    Maritime greetings,

    Guus Broekman


    1. sailanything


      Congratulations on the boat! I'm happy to hear she is going to a new home. I no longer live in the area, but happen to be in Maine now. I might be able to find some time to come out for a sail in the next few days. Whisper is a great boat, powerful and fun to sail. A few things about her; her holding tank is VERY small, the shrouds need to be VERY tight to stabilize the mast. Feel free to contact me here or on Facebook. I have an american flag head band on in my profile picure.

      Best regards 

      Jake Newton 


  7. I really like how her sheer line matches the trough between her bow wave and quarter wave.
  8. I agree that a flatter sheer would have improved her looks, I suppose while we are at it, I would have liked a bit more curve in the stem to better balance the stern. That severe spring really does make her stand out in the harbor.
  9. The pictures are in a slide show and i can not seem to make them come to you guys so you will have to go to them. Just something from the drawing board over at Wylie Design Group. http://www.wyliedesigngroup.com/wylie_design_group/drawing_board/Pages/National_Science_Foundation.html#0 And how about some love for Windward Passage
  10. No, there just putting it in down here in Georgetown..haha really
  11. Yeah thats pic is alittle bigger than I though it was sorry.
  12. I got an Islander Excalibur 26. Its and old design, 60s or 70s, but it was way ahead of its time. Fin keel, balanced rudder, flatish midsection. People claim they are good in light air. Rates low 200's. If all things go as planed... ill be raceing it next summer. This ones not mine...and it says Excalibur 27...idk...same boat though
  13. I started on revo2 when I was 14, Im 16 now, and hopefully raceing my own boat next year I guess we need some more kids like me...
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