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  1. Hi there,

    My name is Guus Broekman from Amsterdam. Me and some friends have bought the Whisper. The boat that you talked about earlier in 2013. It is a Frers design and was custom built in Connecticut. I would like to come in contact because we are going to sail her back to Amsterdam this juli! Would you like to join us for a day trip and tell us something about her? Please let me know. 

    You could add me on FB as well if that is easier.

    Maritime greetings,

    Guus Broekman


    1. sailanything


      Congratulations on the boat! I'm happy to hear she is going to a new home. I no longer live in the area, but happen to be in Maine now. I might be able to find some time to come out for a sail in the next few days. Whisper is a great boat, powerful and fun to sail. A few things about her; her holding tank is VERY small, the shrouds need to be VERY tight to stabilize the mast. Feel free to contact me here or on Facebook. I have an american flag head band on in my profile picure.

      Best regards 

      Jake Newton 


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