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  1. How about 2 races of the 13 where each boat gets to start 2 minutes in front of the other one and has to try and maintain the 2 minute head start? Each boat would sail each race in clear air and with modern computer graphics could be made pretty compelling. It would be interesting to see them come blasting in at 60 knots or so and then stuff it up at the starts! It’s a little boring when one boat is constantly getting dirt or is being forced to sail on the slow half of the course...
  2. Take the bolt rope out of the boom and fly it loose footed. Then just remove the bolt rope entirely off the foot.
  3. Holy crap he’s tiny now! Maybe he could fit on one of those r/c boats?
  4. I say he storms the beach at Guadalcanal on August 7 at 1800.
  5. Ah.. brisk winter sailing at 7 south! I think Great White is right, too much se trades will push him west past Samoa. I want this fascinating trip to keep going, so my money is on the frozen tundra of the Solomon Islands!
  6. SE tradewinds will fill in one of these days. I won't be surprised if he crosses the equator again, much further west! Samoa would surprise me.
  7. King Ineptune crosses the equator. Cheers! I hope he's not pouring fresh water on his boat to cool it off.
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