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  1. Yes, you did that right. From what I understand, those books were actually developed by the customer service team who were all sailors and 95% of them racers. They methodically went over boats to see where they could make things better, have it a class spec for the rules, and give customers the best options available. They also went over the books and made changes if anything developed. When the J70 came out, it was an extensive process of going to the boats, measuring lines, blocks, rig, etc to make it right. Those books should be worth gold.
  2. Rumor is Annapolis in October.
  3. I think a rigging store could be okay as long as your willing to have the rope inventory. Everywhere is currently West Marine only for the most part. I believe Rig Pro in Newport closed as well. It won't make you rich, but could be a nice side hussle.
  4. Well everyone from Texas seems to fly a flag as big as their boat, so go for it.
  5. Depends on your size, but I have a brand new pair of Musto Salopettes XL in Black I would be willing to let go for a considerable discount.
  6. You are not setting the record straight. You are giving your input of you wanted them to have a penalty and provided the information that you saw fit to do so. The current word on the street is they paid an electronics company to fix the AIS before the race and to ensure it was working. It was. Sometime during the race, it stopped working again, and even through tries on the boat, they could not get it working again. So RC and the protestors decided to drop the protest as a result of no foul play involved due to an electronics failure. You can cry all you want that it is unfair and
  7. So essentially Musto sells to HH, and he then goes and designed the gear for NS and jacked the prices. $600+ for bibs and not even Salopettes is getting out of hand. My guess is the cut will be worse than the NS Italian clothes that would only fit a child.
  8. Sadly, there are plenty of examples in the US of them not doing the right thing when it comes down to it. Not to mention, add in the current political landscape of you can't infringe my rights because MURICA, and we'd probably be no better off if it did originate here.
  9. You are correct. This started as a trial last year, this is the second year. Every Club in Annapolis has the same issue, not enough slips, or parking spots for members.
  10. What sailmaker? Give them a call?
  11. Apparently, the moorings are leased by the Club from Friday at Noon, until Monday at Noon. They are not for overnight use unless approved by the Club due to transient slips being full, they are for use of members while at the Club using the facilities. While I hear you, and feel your pain, chances are that due to your late arrival, they may have been full even if AYC didn't have them leased on a holiday weekend. I think the gripe really should be against the Harbor Master allowing it, not that the Club found someone willing to charge them for it.
  12. The whole what classes boats sail in is getting ridiculous. Phrf, Performance Cruising, etc. Mine as well have an IRC Party at Block too.
  13. Makes sense. Flying Jenny has an ORC rating due to non class sails. Fortissimo's rating might be questionable based on stock sails or something. Peacemaker, well rumor was it was measured years ago and moved over to ORC without a new measurement. Stick a 4300lb boat that crushes everyone against 14000lb boats and things get interesting. No one likes that boat for that reason apparently.
  14. This has been a champ on the boat. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bucket-Head-5-Gal-1-75-Peak-HP-Wet-Dry-Shop-Vacuum-Powerhead-with-Filter-Bag-and-Hose-compatible-with-5-Gal-Homer-Bucket-BH0100/202017218
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