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  1. Protest against Zuul for AIS infringement. Guess that will make it interesting.
  2. Could always recreate APS in the same location, for lots of dollars. https://www.hyattcommercial.com/buildout-inventory/?propertyId=805516-lease
  3. Tracker - https://yb.tl/a2n2021
  4. Headsail shape would be my only guess, but I am no expert in rigs.
  5. Aww your little boat is so cute said the 85 to the 72
  6. Depends if you consider them ever having quality.
  7. Once again I have been thinking, while this is cool, is it due to a reliance on routing software and information?
  8. There is obviously some level of concern. Here is a good article you all might enjoy. https://www.sail-world.com/news/229386/A-QandA-with-Kevin-Morin-about-the-MarkSetBots This does address some issues, and certainly shows some limitations. I think the main positive response to these devices is that it does alleviate some onus on the race committee members. Although, I think anyone could honestly debate either side of it. The prices for purchase are high, but the rates for monthly subscription style service are not terrible if you are a club in comparison to other expenses.
  9. From their site. Max conditions 30kts with 8-10 ft waves. Max Battery 20-24 hrs at 8-10 knots no current.
  10. Yes they are. Trolling motors with gps called Mark Bot
  11. All about time of year. May can be good, October better. Just never know as it’s all frontal controlled for the most part. As an event coordinator, I would never schedule an NA before October in Annapolis.
  12. Redress Hearing Results - Denied. https://yachtscoring.com/event_documents/13209/Hearing1RFR-Decision.pdf Certainly some interesting maneuvers in the video which would seemingly cause a flag, but I haven't seen any other protests.
  13. The 2021 J70 North American Championship, held in the "editor hated" Annapolis, MD started yesterday. Par for course, the Chesapeake Bay held to its standard light breeze, strong current, and multiple wind shifts as the weather instability played to its true self. During Race 1, the wind shift was too big and the race had to be abandoned. Race 2 did not fair any better, and with eager competitors over early, it too was abandoned. After delays all day, they finally got a race going in the late afternoon and only 29 out of 59 boats finished before TLE. After thorough discussions from the Race
  14. Beyou getting a new boat with Charal 2, deisgned by Sam Manuard https://www.scanvoile.com/2021/05/construction-du-nouvel-imoca-de-jeremie-beyou-charal2.html#.YJLg5JBKiiN
  15. It was the first WNR? If so, that email is a bit brash. A email worded with affirmation of the struggles, and the effort to have training continued would have been more appropriate. People in power do not always need to be a dick.
  16. Temporary, Corporate Issue with loss of phones etc. Posted on their site.
  17. Nothing concrete, rumors floating though.
  18. Are there any Yacht Clubs in the US that offer membership for Active Duty branches? For instance, if you are in the area for a number of years and would like to join, but do not know where you will be stationed next? It would be tough to pay for initiation, and then have to leave on account of orders.
  19. 1994 Farr 31 SOFARR 7633 https://www.topyacht.com.au/mt/mt_pub.php?boid=6813&evid=1359
  20. I would imagine it exists from the AC campaigns.
  21. I haven't found a good app to do that yet, but Velocitek ProStart does most that without wifi or NMEA. Distance to Line, and Countdown. Just no Time to Target if you were. $895.
  22. Understood, it was really just for example.
  23. Watch F2, it is worlds better with many drivers in the championship hunt until the end.
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