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  1. Will amend the amendment. Photo taken Christmas Day, 1973 at Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, 24 hours before start of S2H. Under the boat aft finishing wet sanding are owner Dave Allen (brown shorts) and son John. Under the bow, L-R are Bone (Steve Taft), sleddog, and Kiwi (aka Ron Holland.) Also in the crew were Ben Mitchell and son Benny. Commodore did not sail the '73 S2H. Kiwi's tactics at the time were difficult to understand, but sounded like "we'll crack off and go for it." Bone, also the ship's doctor aboard IMPROBABLE, was telling us his solution to encountered difficultie
  2. BODACIOUS being cutup for landfill. Sad.
  3. Always sad to see an older IOR leaddog come to an end: in this case the early 80's Bruce Farr One Tonner, the 40 foot BODACIOUS. For unexplained reasons, yesterday afternoon, she was run aground, one person aboard, near Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz after having left her live aboard mooring off the Santa Cruz Wharf. Capt. Monty, on Vessel Assist, pulled for 12 hours last night, trying to keep BODACIOUS from riding further up the rocks. Finally, at first light this morning, BODACIOUS was pulled free and towed into Santa Cruz Harbor to be hauled. I'd call BODACIOUS a total loss, at lea
  4. Ahoy Skip, someone who just recently stumbled across the Improbable thread has asked me if you've written a book.  I was an embarrassed to say that I didn't know.  Have you?  I'm one of the many who would buy one if you did!


  5. This is correct. Myron "Barney" Lehman was an excellent Star Class skipper and crew, and 2x Star World's champ with Hook Beardslee in 1934 and '35. Lehman's Star, SCOUT III, had the first "Barney post" which was rapidly copied both in Stars, and ultimately many other classes. Barney Lehman was also an early fiberglass dinghy builder in Newport Beach and built Lehman 10's, 12's, and 14's, all cat boats. Barney Lehman sold his small company to W.D. "Bill" Schock, who took the Lehman 14 mold, moved the mast aft, added a jib, foredeck, and cockpit seats that doubled as flotation tanks, and creat
  6. Lookin' good, Haji! If memory serves after 50 years, those two round holes in the bridge deck were "anthills" for cross-connect to the opposite primary: titanium drum Barient 32's. Our crew member Dave Wahle, a rough and ready garbage man, carried custom 6" Barient "shorty" single and double-grip winch handles, which , with the double grip in the windward side anthill, could out grind anyone in the '71 Admiral's Cup fleet short tacking up the IOW shore in a stiff breeze and flood tide. What was IMPROBABLE doing in the '71 Admiral's Cup representing New Zealand? The blue blood USA team
  7. Here's PANDION, then EQUATION, in better days:
  8. Thank you, SE. Yes, HOLIDAY TOO, Cal 40 #24, won the '67 Transpac with the youngest crew to date, and then the '68 Congressional Cup. These days, as RADIANT, she is beautifully restored and lives at LAYC under capable and loving ownership of Fin Beven. As a fun aside, back when the story and film MORNING LIGHT was being planned, I received a call from the film director asking for our '67 crew birth dates. I refused unless he told me why he needed to know. He refused, and I refused. I didn't learn until later that Disney would be trying to make a documentary about the youngest crew to
  9. HOLIDAY was our first family boat and, in 1954, the first L/36 launched. (See May 5th post on this thread.) If anyone knows current whereabouts of HOLIDAY, would love to know. As for the name, our father was fond of saying, "nothing goes faster."
  10. David, The green Bird boat, hauled next to your father's Rhodes 33 REVEILLE, is PUFFIN, built at Stones in 1928. If you look closely, you can see the "I" and "N" of the last 2 letters in her name at the transom. A good friend who grew up in the Sausalito area also pointed out the boat yard is not Spauldings, but Madden and Lewis Boatyard, which burned down in March, 1960. This friend also sailed on your father's 5 meter, YOU TOO, which was berthed at SFYC, and the only 5 meter on the Bay. He concurred it was a very wet boat and the electric bilge pump had to run all the time. The
  11. Originally called "Coast Rhodes," the boats of this one-design class were built by South Coast Boatworks in upper Newport Bay pre-WW II. #1, REBEL, was launched in 1939 at South Coast, and 41 of them were built over the years. As a kid, I used to do foredeck on #41, MADNESS, owned by Bud Edgar and Gavin Herbert. Rhodes 33's were designed to sail out to and around the S.Cal Islands, and had bunks and a rudimentary galley below. Rhodes were cool boats, lead mines really, with frac rigs, 386 sq. feet of sail area, sheet winches that had under deck handles, and an interior that you could
  12. David, If that is not a sterling set of cotton sails on REVELLIE, I don't what is. The boat looks a lot like a 6 meter, eh? Though I can not vouch for accuracy, there were 3 or 4 Rhodes on the Bay in the early 50's. Bob White had SATISFACTION. 1941 Star Class Worlds Champ George Fleitz came up from LA and sailed SATISFACTION a few times. In 1949, Jake Wosser and SFYC were challenged by Fleitz for the Perpetual Challenge Cup. Fleitz trailered his Rhodes HANAHULI up and with a bilge of wet sandbags, soundly beat Jake and took the trophy home. The following year, 1950, SFYC c
  13. Cecil is the very best of shipmates, someone you want aboard when the going gets tough. He was on STORMVOGEL in the '65 Transpac, finishing second just minutes behind TICONDEROGA. And just last month Cecil skippered his Farr 57 HO'KOLOHE to second to finish and first in Division 8 in the 2021 Transpac. Cecil was instrumental in getting the 79' ketch MIR across the Diamond Head finish in the '69 Transpac after they lost their mainmast a moment after this picture was being taken. Cecil and crew turned to and finished MIR sailing backwards across the line with the mizzen aback. Epic.
  14. OK, Team. What outstanding ocean racer and highly respected seaman began his career in the 1950's in S. Cal. In 1965 he was second to finish the Honolulu Race (aka Transpac) on a big sled. And last month, 56 years later, did it again, and was second to finish the Transpac. (and first non-motorized entrant)* ? While contemplating the answer, a brief comment on the inshore scene in S. Cal during the 1950's. One design small boat racing from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and at harbors in between, was at its zenith with dozens of boats racing every weekend, and week nights too. San Diego
  15. New J1 luff failed, then vang pin/lug ears broke and with no spreader patches, chafe set in. In lieu, COMPADRES' crew went to trysail and A3 during day, and sometimes Blast Reacher at night, nullifying likely sub-7 day passage. Top speed 28.5 with aft windward water ballast full. Report need of more in number experienced night drivers...as was likely true throughout the fleet.
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