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  1. I wasn't there when this dramatic black and white film was shot at the Newport Harbor Entrance...Quite the weather event. The wishbone ketch coming in under sail, STELLA MARIS, was later owned by Dennis Conner's grandparents... Why all the boats attempting to enter port in such dangerous conditions? It was Sunday afternoon and they were mostly all returning from Catalina, 28 miles to the west. Gotta get the kids back for the start of school on Monday morning. Did I mention the biggest boat in Newport Harbor,the 138 foot M/V PARAGON, was sunk in the Harbor Entrance that evening? Doggies. h
  2. As memories and photos fade, it's not too late to recall a vibrant ocean racing scene in S. Cal during the 50's. The fleet was mostly wood, with good looking overhangs, varnished spars, South Coast winches and Watts Sails, red lead bottom paint, Kenyons and RDF's for navigation. NALU II won the '59 Transpac with sacrificial chickens aboard, and GOODWILL carried a crew of 51. HILARIA never had an engine, and SALLY and SIRIUS were the prettiest 10 meters in the world. As a kid I crewed on our family Lapworth 36 and was in awe of the diverse designs and characters who sailed them. Here
  3. Conn Findlay, 90, passed over the Bar on April 8. He was the best of shipmates. Conn, who rowed for USC as an undergrad and received his MBA from Cal Berkeley in 1956, was a four-time Olympic medalist, and one of the special few to medal in two distinct sports, winning Gold in rowing at the 1956 and the 1964 Summer Olympics, and Bronze in the 1960 Games. In the 1976 Olympics, Conn Findlay was on the trapeze for Dennis Conner to win a Bronze medal in the Tempest two-man keel boat . Unfortunately, with a Gold medal in reach, Conner picked the wrong side on the last weather leg and dro
  4. A fun little story about this photograph of Prince Phillip and Uffa Fox. It was Tuesday of Cowes Week, 1962, and blowing SW, 6, with wind against tide, heavy weather for the Flying Fifteens. Phillip and Fox had already nearly submerged the dark green COWESLIP at least once and bailed her out to resume racing. in the near vicinity, Keith Beken of Beken of Cowes photography was out in his powerboat with a Yank friend, Richard, from STORMVOGEL's crew, aboard to assist. Shortly after this photo was taken, Phillip bore off on a plane and punched the bow into a green one, filling COWESLIP. Th
  5. The Santa Cruz surfing and sailing communities lost a long time friend when Jim Foley died yesterday after a year long battle with pancreatic cancer. Jim was the consummate waterman, an outstanding surfer and board shaper, sailor, boat designer, and builder who was always enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and experience with anyone who was interested. Jim began his surfing career on rubber surf mats in 1950. By 1953 he and his father, Chuck, were building surfboards out of wood planks. Early on Jim was experimenting with shapes, materials, and construction methods. He
  6. Ted Turner chartered BOLERO for '62 SORC, then almost sank her off Hatteras on delivery south until CG put pumps aboard. In the Lauderdale Race all was well until rounding Rebecca tower when the centerboard hit bottom and jammed up in the trunk. During the confusion, Burke got forward of the mast into Jimmie Brown territory and hi-jacked the ice cream for a little treat with his mates. Jimmie Brown discovered the theft and told Mister Ted he was going on strike, no more food, until the culprit fessed up, which of course he didn't..... Crisis every hour.
  7. +1 I know Becky is reading here, and reminded me she painted the flowers on Skeeter's shirt in the photo above. "I really appreciate all you guys and your feelings about him. The silence here is just deafening. Thanks for reaching out and the public salute." Tom Wylie, on a phone call yesterday, summed it up:. "Skeeter was a true waterman, one of the best I've ever known." .
  8. Skip....Tad here, I have a different screen name Bravo Bravo....so sad ...I really feel for Becky as the quiet lonely reality sinks in. Those two were one for so many many years, wishing you well. Becky on Coconut, I sailed Coconut down to Elliot Key while Skeet raced the J 24 he owned with the Bremen's,Columbus Day Regatta 79 or 80.

    Tad & Wendy 




  9. Just heard from Sailblueh2o that Skeet Perry has left the planet. Darn. A good man and best of friends to us California Dreamers for 50 years, since when he sailed with us on IMPROBABLE in the early days. All heart, Skeet would give you the shirt off his back, Proud to have the skills, foresight, and daring of a 3rd generation stealth pirate, we loved Skeet, and he loved us. I can his his chortle as we surveyed a piece of broken gear, "Captain, you didn't pay enough." And as I drug my feet off the stern of his and Becky's beloved COCONUT, "Captain, don't let Bruce put the nibble on ya." S
  10. Recent talk by DC at St. Francis YC. The dark glasses are because of eye repair. Sorry to have missed him in person. https://www.facebook.com/stfrancisyachtclub/videos/1005086923172721/
  11. You shouldn't run your jacklines all the way to the transom. Your jacklines should terminate far enough forward that you wouldn't be dragging behind the boat if you went over while clipped into a jackline. You should have solid attachment points -- not jacklines -- for clipping in aft of the companionway. In memory of Harvey Schlasky who died in 1999 DH Farallones Race being towed behind his boat by his harness inspite of his inflated PFD and crew attempting to slow boat.
  12. 30 smiling crew, including her designer, aboard last evening for MERLIN's Wednesday Night "Oldtimers" reunion sail off Santa Cruz after returning from Transpac. Memories were flowing as MERLIN does what she has always done best: make apparent wind. All aboard fascinated with recent upgrades. Thanks, Chip, for sending MERLIN back to her roots. Good luck in the BBS!
  13. The deck light prisms were always cool! We're sailing MERLIN this afternoon out of Santa Cruz for Wed night racing. Join us if you dare.
  14. Credit where due: At age six, DC's daughter Catherine not only suggested RED ROOSTER's name, but also delivered a drawing, complete with red hull and black waterline stripe. Said Catherine, “if you paint the boat red, you can call him RED ROOSTER!” The only part of Catherine's color scheme DC nixed was the red mast.. It should be no surprise 50 years on that Catherine had a major hand in the publication of DC's new book In the Golden Age of Offshore Racing, including exhaustive research, editing, and restoration of the many classic photos. Well done Catarina! 50 years? Cather
  15. From the current Star Class Log, the winning Star in Savannah in 1996 Olympics was #7875. 1996 SAVANNAH, USA - 25 Boats Gold BRA 7875 Torben Grael Marcelo Ferreira 25Silver SWE 7857 Hans Wallen Bobbie Lohse 29Bronze AUS 7828 Colin Beashel David Giles 32
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