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  1. RED ROOSTER is apparently in storage in Europe.
  2. Yes, her history after John Calley and Davis Pillsbury in S.Cal is known. She became a well loved cruising boat that did TransAtlantics and TransPacifics passages as well as gracing Polynesian waters. Her current owner has asked for privacy on her location. Maybe Catherine can share more when the time is right. And yes, though we sailed RR in the '69 Admiral's Cup and Fastnet, we never once (roller) reefed. There were 4 Californians in her crew, and we were less than enthusiastic of the idea. But I do know DC, JC, Sandy, and Jim could make it work just fine.......
  3. Cheers from the Santa Cruz IMPROBABLE contingent. Dave Wahle and myself. Come visit any time. Sorry I won't be at the PTWBF this year.....
  4. At 0900 this morning Chris's boat is tied up at the Morro Bay Harbor Masters dock. According to a sailing friend and local Morro Bay resident, the Harbor Master reported the CG went looking for Chris, concerned for his health and welfare. The CG went as far as Pt. Sur, 75 miles up the Coast, without finding him. (Apparently the CG did not have the tracker info) The Harbor Master briefly spoke with Chris, who asked if he could leave the boat at the dock while he went in search of a trailer to pull the boat to S. Ca.. Apparently, due to the heavy coastal fog of the last few days, Chris's
  5. Here comes Chris toward the hot shower at Morro Bay YC.
  6. Whether a boat is seaworthy to ocean race is not a new dilemma, even in the '50's In 1949, Porter Sinclair of Newport Beach, CA, commissioned fledgling yacht designer and International 14 dinghy sailor Bill Lapworth to design an ocean racing "ultra-light" for the 1950 Newport, RI, to Bermuda Race. The result was the 32', 6,500 pound, FLYING SCOTCHMAN, profiled in the staid East Coast YACHTING magazine as "extreme lightweight displacement planing type." I suspect Olin Stephens choked on his lamb and biscuits when he read that. Suspiciously, shortly before FLYING SCOTCHMAN was loaded o
  7. According to Irving Johnson and other historical accounts, PEKING's captain in 1929, Capt. Jurgen Jurs, rounded Cape Horn 66 times under sail alone, 55 as captain.
  8. Thank you SF Woody. I sailed with Babe Lamerdin on his ELIZABETH MUIR...sweet.
  9. Swede Johnson, who built the model of SANTANA for Lauren Bacall to present to Bogey as a wedding present, was a sailmaker by trade and worked at the Baxter and Cicero loft in Newport for more than 30 years making winning sails for Sabots, Starboat World's Champions (Bill Ficker and Don Edler), TransPac winners (KITTEN, LEGEND, NALU II, PSYCHE, HOLIDAY Too), and numerous Radio Controlled models. Swede also encouraged youngsters, including Dave Ullman and Scott Allan, to become sailmakers and mentored them in early years. Swede loved to tinker, and created the first commercially availab
  10. The famous yawl, SANTANA, started out as a staysail schooner, designed by Olin Stephens and built by Wilmington Boat Works in 1935 for William L. Stewart, Jr., a member of Los Angeles Yacht Club. SANTANA is 55 feet, 2 inches LOA with a beam of 12 feet, 6 inches, and draft of 7 feet, 11 inches. She was at the time powered with a Gray 6-71 gas engine. (Note the loose footed main in the photo below.) Stewart, president of Union Oil Co., actively campaigned his schooner in offshore races out of Los Angeles Harbor and in the 1936 Transpac. However, in 1937, he had SANTA
  11. "Dogwaste" did not become "Loose." Dogwaste was the 4th Pi boat, built by Alan's sister Jeanne Wirtanen, so named because the hull and deck were roughly smeared with brown microballoons. Jeanne sold Dogwaste to San Diego before it was complete, and it has not been seen since. So the 4 Pi boats, in no particular order, were: Pi, Nellybelle, Loose, and Dogwaste.
  12. Thanks to Tim McTighe, here is NELLY's relaunch live and color. Note the "piece of Pi" that was found 22 years after Pi's demise near Ragged Point in Big Sur.
  13. NELLY's old keel was used with a lead extension at its root. The problem with a bulb keel at the Santa Cruz hoist is draft greater than 5' will be in the mud at low tide, limiting launch and haul.
  14. Yesterday at the Santa Cruz Harbor hoist, a gathering of the Tribe celebrated the Pi-24 NELLYBELLE's relaunch after Alan Wirtanen and Melanie Kett rescued her from sure demise in a Texas junkyard. Alan had built NELLY in 1971 to a design by Steve Fennell called PI. PI was fast, but her 250 pound keel was too light, and she capsized and turtled in a gale in the Santa Barbara Race, June 27-28, 1975 off the Big Sur Coast with the loss of the Fennell brothers. NELLYBELLE's only other surviving sister is LOOSE. Alan has deepened NELLY's keel to a design by Larry Tuttle and increased its wei
  15. The 12 foot Snowbird catboat was originally designed in 1921 for Rudder Magazine. In the 1932 Olympics at Los Angeles Harbor, the Snowbird was the Olympic singlehanded dinghy. From there the class grew, predominantly at Newport Harbor, where it became the preeminent trainer for hundreds of junior sailors over the years. Only one Snowbird is left now, in the Newport Beach Maritime Museum. But back in the day we raced Snowbirds 6-7 days a week out of Newport Harbor YC, Balboa YC, Lido Isle YC, and Balboa Island YC. With a boom as long as the mast was tall, a Snowbird wouldn't plane if you
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