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  1. Upgrades fit for this thread over the weekend to Kaizen (formerly Toy Story). Art.
  2. I use this service. You have to register but it’s free. Pretty sure it’s global you can request by lat/long areas that you want and what timeframes https://climate.copernicus.eu Credit to Campbell Field who put me into it www.fieldyachting.com
  3. Does anyone know if the requirement to listen to VHF was amended for the 2 handers? Would have thought it would be pretty much impossible not to be in breach of the rule if that applied to them as well?
  4. Having just gonna through the process of an upgrade ive a got a set of 20/20s both with nmea and without - so pm me if you are interested.
  5. My understanding is there is no data processing/calculation smarts like old displays - it just receives and displays data (which is what it only should do). The smarts is wifi connectivity, hotspot and that it will take data and determine which display layout to display - but you configure the display. So that is great conceptually and why in theory you need less display space because you display only the most relevant data to you based on point of sail or just preference. You can see that they are setting this to act like a tablet - ie download and install apps - so choose to display sailing
  6. ahh no - that interface doesn’t work. There is no way to drive old 20/20 fastnet displays from a h5000/ triton unless you have a “brain” or in the case of the h5000 another brain so a h2000/3000 or a sailmon. So it’s an expensive and complicated solution to use old displays. So put the money into new displays instead.
  7. what’s the crappy iphone app? Our Nemesis has not displayed data from the h5000 since installation - ie it doesn’t work, so we are waiting for Navico to both explain and solve that - meanwhile we have data and no way to display it. Assuming they solve that it would be good to know how to sort the dimming as we aim to use it on overnight races
  8. @Rob Shawso how will the vpp stack up against the shaw 11? And most importantly where will it race - will we have a new boat to join the division?
  9. We went through Hurricane Rigging https://www.hurricanerigging.co.nz/- we had a personal connection but they know their stuff and good to deal with. We have done 2 of our boats now.
  10. I see karver has dropped the grinder and trimmer monikers - so the KPW is what i would call the load “ reducer” model. We have the KSW model on our primaries and one halyard winch and the KPW model on our mainsheet (german system so 2 to 1 effectively) and the halyard winch that does fro and jib. We love the KSW’s - really make a difference. The KPW is less identifiable as fantastic but still good - ie i would do it again. The halyard setup is probably best - under full load is easy to get on a bit more tension. On the mainsheet on longer races with a lot of sheet movement it probably means fa
  11. Slug - Is yours a fully battened main? My scenario is a luff a bit over 15m so around 16 cars. Do you know if you are using the Antal standard car or the race system version?
  12. Anyone with experience or recommendations for the batten cars/slides to use on an Antal HS22 track for a fully battened race main? I’m not interested in replacing the track, the focus is what cars to use. Antal options are variations on sliders, none have ball bearings - so how do these perform when trying to reef short handed under load? A search online suggests that karver has options that fit the track and maybe with ballbearing as an option - anyone used anything like that?
  13. Not yet - Maybe this weekend - still deciding which division to race in. The Melges are a lot quicker not even same post code, but they race in a division called 40R where there is another group of fast 40 footers which are slower than the melges but quicker than Kaizen. So it’s either the back of that fleet or hopefully towards the front of B div which includes designs like ross40’s, elliot 12, j122, bene 44, salina 41 etc
  14. Apparently you need a graphical display to set up 20/20 displays on a H5000 network. Can anyone confirm that you can’t use a zeus 3 to do that?
  15. Somebody in Auckland should buy Smooth Criminal from Victoria and bring it over to join the awesome 35-40ft fleet. Looks like reasonable buying at the current asking price. Having done it recently shipping the boat over the ditch is pretty straight forward - so it could be here before winter racing ends.
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