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  1. Opencpn is receiving nmea data from a gps and position is plotted by opencpn. I configure an output port from opencpn and set it up to send autopilot b sentences xte range and bearing to waypoint. I see the sentences being output on the comm port . I have checked with voltmeter at the autopilot connection and can see voltage fluctuate. I have connected to pin 5 and 6 at the autopilot. Have tried reversing polarity. i have used pin 2 and 5 of the serial output to 5 and 6 of the autopilot connector. can anyone help?
  2. Has anybody sucessfully sent nmea 183 from opencpn to an st1000+ autopilot? I have tried every combination of connecting output from opencpn to drive autopilot. Will not enter track mode. Help anyone? I see the nmea sentences outputting to the comm port, yet will not enter track mode.
  3. So going to weather, where is the disturbed air? Pulpit mounted wind sensor is ahead and in front of the center of effort of sails. On the other hand, downwind would be in disturbed air. Would be nice to see the apparent wind angle vs maximum portion of sail area going to weather
  4. If the largest part of a boat's sail area is closer to the water than the masthead, why not mount sensor on the pulpit?
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