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  1. You are mistaken that is not a sail it’s a drop cloth
  2. The most boring racing I’ve ever seen I’d rather watch Jimmy and Peter match race Finns. What a waste.
  3. Sail may be too short add a small strop so that the swivel is closer to the restrainer. When the top of the swivel deflects as little as 30 degrees it torques the swivel and can keep it from turning. Also don’t loosen the halyard too much it can cause the same problem because the loose halyard allows the swivel to become misaligned with the halyard exit
  4. It goes on all the time here on LIS we refer to them as “all the gear and no idea” it’s kind of a hipster thing around here. Apparently it’s cool to walk around urban areas dressed like you’re a pro at at a tent party.
  5. There are 30 on eBay a few for over $60 so there are still some simps out there that think they might have been cool.
  6. Sounds like this guy fishing for ammo to get a refund on a overpriced sail.
  7. I sell lots of used sails and gear on eBay
  8. I have more then one to choose from in the spar shed. The boss grabbed them before a salvage company cut them up. They are all for sale. PM me for details and pics if you’re interested. Located on City Island NY
  9. Finally home after weeks in the hospital Acute diverticulitis. Lost 10” of my large intestine. Went septic and got to the hospital just in time. Got lucky this happened after the covid log jam. Rough and painful. It took me all fucked up to get my own thread. Thanks and man it went Scottish sideways. Lol
  10. Sorry boys had major surgery and they pumped me up with morphine. I can’t remember any of that.
  11. This is just the beginning. Sorry Ed love you and you will always own your shit I love that and respect that . Make your members do the same time for accountability!!!!
  12. That all see you when I am stepping on your face, good night little cunt!!
  13. You think that you’re voice has no consequences, you will learn that’s not true. I am Italian and we believe In vendettas. You have harassed me for many years. I would keep a weather eye if I was you. I’m surprised that you would choose to fuck with me. It will not end up well for you!
  14. Fuck off. You’re a fucking asshole. Watch your back bitch. I’m out of the business and you and your sock puppets are on my list!
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