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  1. Wish you hadn't hidden it all. it was heartfelt and nostalgic and authentic. Something this place needs more of.
  2. What do you call a lawyer up to his neck in sand? Not enough sand.... What's the difference between a lawyer and a catfish? One's a disgusting, slimy, stinky bottom-feeder... the other's a fish.
  3. Appropos of nothing...what was Pendragon-V? Off the top of my head, I've got -- Pendragon (57975), Davidson 34, 1978 -- Pendragon II (77177), Davidson 44, 1981 -- Pendragon III (97000), Davidson 40/1-tonner, 1985 -- Pendragon IV (77000, Davidson 52, 2001 (one of the inspirations for the TP-52 class) -- Pendragon V _____? -- Pendragon VI (7744), Davidson 70, 2009
  4. I hope we get warning if Sol is ever at risk of being flicked... that National Cleavage Day thread is a national treasure which should be preserved....
  5. One of my favorite photos and, frankly, IMNSHO, about the most beautifully proportioned lines of that era
  6. I'm so confused.... Anything anything interesting happens in my life, I share it with all my "friends" on facebook. How do I let them know how I feel about this.... if I can't post it on facebook? #SoConfused
  7. some "interesting" sex scenes, set amid a pretty good fictional America's Cup campaign....
  8. Yup. When I was messing with the font I wanted to use for the name graphics on my boat, I kept fussing over (ultimately) really minor things. The graphic artist said "no one will ever look at this as closely as you are right now. Including you". She was right.
  9. Well, crap. Raced with him a little, against him a lot, great guy and truly a gentleman. Will be missed.
  10. Can't say I love the proposed layout. Foc'sle (not "folks'l") seems awkward.... a narrow bunk tucked under the workbench doesn't seem usable. And the galley layout seems like an inefficient use of space, not to mention will not be fun to use in a seaway. Oh, and a fixed bulkhead blocking access to the port side of the engine doesn't seem optimal. Maybe there are some traditional aspects I'm missing. Or maybe I'm just stupid (certainly can't discount that possibility). But it seems to be that he has a great volume to work with, and the layout he's proposed kinda chops it up into a ser
  11. My first was a bright red '72 Trans Am that I bought in '79 ....just in time for gas shortages. It was no fun waiting in line to fill up a car that got maybe 9 miles to the gallon, and knowing that I'd be back in line again really soon. Plus it was kind of a ticket magnet. Sold it and bought a bright shiny new Honda Civic. Figured out I could cover payments, insurance, gas and have money left over from what I'd been spending to fill the Trans Am's gas-tank. I put together a mobile rigging shop in the back and roamed all up and down the coast... StFYC didn't love me being "open fo
  12. ....and, in turn, noobs will make random ad-hominem statements about the people who tried to help but who, ultimately, have given you a forum to prove that you aren't smart enough to understand that informed answers have value even if you don't "like" them.
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