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  1. Looks like it is up on stands, and the wide-angle lens makes it look like it's tilting...
  2. Please, please write a book! I'll send money to pre-order a copy, if that'll get you started. #Serous
  3. I've never understood RigRite's business model. They list all sorts of esoteric things on their site (a new Kenyon gooseneck casting for my 80s Ericson? Cool!) but they don't EVER actually have the things for sale. And that's assuming they ever answer the phone, which they usually don't. I don't get how they stay up and running. It can't be sales-volume....
  4. One of my alltime favorites.... at a time when the IOR was actively evolving in a couple of different directions, Lois Lane was a design that hit all the buttons - fast in a variety of conditions, not tortured at the measurement points, and not given to the poor sailing of existing IOR designs. The bad news is that she hit the water just as the ULDB movement was hitting stride. And boats like "free spirit" (mull-40 designed for the new ULDB division in the 1977 Transpac) got a lot more attention, albeit at the cost of much higher rating. Although a good (and beautiful) design, Lois's im
  5. And what do they need to make one? As far as I know, nobody (but Bruce King) has the drawings for my Ericson 32-III, but I could provide a ton of photos....
  6. How the hell did it get there from Prevost??
  7. Yeah, mine's a 2003 with 280k on it. 5.4L Triton, FX4 package, full-time "control-trac" 4WD with selectable 2-hi/2-low/4-low, aftermarket wheels and stereo/nav.... it's been a good truck but it's at the point where it would take a new motor to bring it back up to snuff, and *if* I felt like putting 10k into repowering it, I suspect I'd have a cascading set of problems as the new power found the weak-spots in 20-year-old transmission, transfer case, diffs, etc. See "never-ending project". Not in the cards. I'd much rather put the money toward a vehicle I won't need to worry about for
  8. OK, so.... as I dig deeper into the options, a short-list seems to be developing -- Kia Telluride -- Subaru Ascent -- Honda Pilot -- VW Atlas "cross sport" -- Mazda CX9 Most of those, at least according to Consumer Reports, have plusses and minuses... -- The Telluride is the highest rated, both overall and driving, and I like the idea of a 100k warranty, but is pretty boxy and doesn't rate well in handling -- The Ascent sounds really good, but CR gives it a big red mark on reliability (which is surprising to the Suby owners I know). Plus, unobtanium -- The Pi
  9. I contacted them to see if they could do a model of my Ericson 32-III They said that - by amazing coincidence!!! - they had just received line-drawings for that exact hull, that exact day, and they could make a mold. All I had to do was send them a bunch of up-front money. I'd been trying to get a copy of the drawings from Bruce King for several years, including correspondence with his son. No joy. So, in my estimation, the chances that Trident actually had a copy of the drawings - and had gotten them the exact day I contacted them - were pretty close to 0.0000000 ....and whe
  10. Sailing lessons in El Toros on Lake Merritt (bay area) as part of a summer day-camp program. Instantly hooked. I think I was 5.
  11. I've been in a room with him. Didn't notice the aroma, but it was pretty clear he hadn't washed his hair in a good long time.
  12. Stopped at a Subaru dealer today to see an Ascent. None on the lot, and apparently they're unobtanium. If I ordered today, sight unseen, I might get it in August. Still on the list, just.... not quite willing to do the "sight unseen" thing.
  13. Yup. While in college I had a choice between a used-but-cherry BMW 2002tii, or a new Honda Civic. Honda was $300 less, and came with a warranty. Have kicked myself over that one for more than 40 years.
  14. Heh. the low-end Tahoe is 15k more than I want to spend....
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