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  1. Unless they were planning on leaving town this weekend they won't notice the difference.
  2. The Zs won't be going anywhere for a while. There are now two named cyclones up north and both are headed south.
  3. My in mast furling system doesn't leak a drop. Whatever water does come down the mast gets in through the halyard sheaves. The motor sits under the gooseneck and above it sits a triangle of wood held in place with a pile of 3M 3000 which is great stuff and seriously under appreciated. Hardly anyone uses it and I have no idea why.
  4. They are lucky to have stopped for a while. There is a big rain depression up there now and a gale warning out.
  5. Cyclone season has a way to go yet. They don't want to get there before 1 May.
  6. The Dumbasses have left Esperance and are now headed west. Those guys are in a serious hurry.
  7. The Dumbasses have anchored in Esperance. They have now sailed from Eden to Esperance with only one stop. That's a bit like driving from LA to Miami with only one stop at Houston for a quick burger. Such a strange voyage.
  8. Last night was the first cold night of the year in Sydney at 12c. I'm guessing that any time the wind is in the south sailing the bight would be totally miserable. So far it looks like they are headed for Ceduna. There are five of them in convoy.
  9. Well that didn't last long. The Dumbasses have left Port Lincoln and are now headed west. Can the cold weather be far away ?
  10. They are docked at some kind of marina/condo complex just south of Port Lincoln.
  11. It looked like they were headed for Kangaroo Island but the Zs have sailed right on past it and now seem to be bound for Port Lincoln.
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