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  1. Yagottalove that scene of them putting the toys away. My father would have yelled something like " Clean up your toys ! " but not so Mr D. He just grabs the wrench and starts work while Dumbass Junior sits and watches. Nice.
  2. Has there ever been a cruising family with less interest in the places they visit ? I think not. Take Australia's north west where they spent a little time. Only a short distance down the road sits Windjana Gorge National Park and Purnululu National Park yet they didn't bother putting down their skateboards in order to go to either. A short drive in the other direction sits Cape Leveque. Don't tell me you wouldn't like to take a vacation in this place. Go figure. https://www.kooljaman.com.au/ IMG_1041-1024x759.jpg.crdownloadIMG_1041-1024x759.jpg.crdownload
  3. Their arrival in Queensland was a little bumpy. It's in one of their Youtube vids where Mr Dumbass carried on like a pork chop as per usual.
  4. You're right. Mr Dumbass did say that he wanted to see the Kimberley so I figured they would sail to Broome and rent a car.
  5. The RANs have left the Baltic and are now in Normandy where the tides are pretty big at around 3 meters.
  6. I was thinking more this type of Hunter. https://au.yachtworld.com/yacht/1998-hunter-27-7991133/
  7. Not really, in Dylan's world buying a 4ksb is a step down into the ugly world of mass marketing, cookie cutter consumerism, fiberglass and coca cola. Next thing you know he will be chewing gum and watching baseball. Dylan has abandoned his Twinings and embraced Folgers. He has dumped his woollen flat cap and now secretly wears a Peterbilt nylon truckers hat. While not yet in the full moonlight of the dark side, for thar be no sunlight over there, he can be seen lurking in the shadows. The Dylan of old has gone and all this because he wanted a heater on board. His first Hunter cannot
  8. If only the Dylan of 5 years ago could meet the Dylan of today. " You bought a 4 knot shitbox ? How could you, you traitor ! "
  9. Demand has caught up ? Not even almost. Here's one. https://www.daft.ie/for-sale/detached-house-reennanallagane-glenbeigh-co-kerry/3464178
  10. There are still hundreds of half built houses scattered around Ireland that were started in 2008/9. Twelve years on and they still can't be sold.
  11. Of course. Any idiot with a pulse can get an auto loan these days. Sub prime is still alive and well.
  12. If you really want to suffer take a look at the episode in which they strip out the wet locker and turn it into shelving. Where the foulies went they didn't get around to telling us.
  13. The screws looked like brass. They were slightly yellow.
  14. Swan have been building standing nav stations for years.
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