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  1. I thought t was "cheesemakers", possibly any purveyor of dairy products
  2. Na, he is in front, round mark going down wind :-)
  3. Dunno, stated turning advantage very inconclusive as far as I am concerned. Will wait until I see 1 racing the other. Not obvious at all. How long does it take to fit heavy, awkward shaped appendages compared to light ones. Monos need to be fully pulled apart to. Rudder, keel, foils, mast. Nothin left after that. Mono needs craning as does the mast? Where is the advanatge. Dont think mono can fit in container at all (too wide). Foiling cats are much less fickle than foiling monos. Really stretching the tech envelope to get a slow/heavy mono to perform like a multi does easily. (
  4. Yeah, sort of. Highly modified, expensive as buggery, 40ft semi-container (no sides or roof https://www.sail-world.com/Australia/A-revolution-in-boat-transport/-28980?source=google Had to fiddle the beam and make the stern removable to get it to work,. Vapourware video suggests much wider boat than the RC. Don't see how the could jam it in a conventional container (flip side ways??) like they manage to do with the broken down 50s.
  5. Wow, you really drew a lot out of a 20 second bit of promo vapourware!! A 40fter should turn better than a 50fter. Something wrong if it doesn't. Any actual proof the AC75 is maneuverable than the F50? Logistically better? Why? Don't the F50s break down completely to pack into 40ft containers. No ballast. Bout as good as you get sail boat storage, transport and logistics wise. Never seen a 40ft mono go in a 40ft container. Be interesting to see. I suspect if a provably better platform comes along, SailGP will change in a heartbeat. Certainly wont do it over vapourware.
  6. Doubt they are ballasted (no reason to put it below water in a multi-hull), more likely space for the trim tab mechanism
  7. Unfortunately may only be viable due to Alinghi/Bertarelli support. Would hate to go down that rabbit hole with AC again. Like the idea tho. Wing mast/conventional sails/foils/minimal power (they do have an auto flight controller apparently).
  8. Wing sail = no traveller. One of the commentators noted that slingers was playing the flaps, not the mainsheet like all the rest (Day 1 when noticeably quicker than everyone else)
  9. What I found interesting is that they also have a high (really high) mode upwind (slingers seemed to use a couple of times to pinch to the mark and avoid several tacks)
  10. The D35s have gone that way. I think the current system (ie tilting the whole foil) is a better solution to altering lift (simpler foil construction, no extra drag at foil/flap interface). One of the f50 designers mentioned if they had a computer control the flight, the boats would stay flat the whole way around the course. Appears they have kept a human in the loop to introduce a degree of fallibility /uncertainty. (I like it, measure of skill)
  11. Getting his own Sail GP boat?
  12. Hmm, 50 ft cat v 75 ft mono. F50 rig length 18 to 28 m AC 75 mast height 26.5m So, based on rig length, the 50fter should be at least as expensive, probably significantly more.
  13. Up to a point, just those foils waggling spoil it a little for me (must admit a bit sceptical it would work at all when concept released). Not doubt the AC75s are a techno masterpiece, just a bit too OTT for my (complete) liking.
  14. Hmmm. Just thinking the exact opposite, ie how nice it looks to have some thing foil that looks like it should foil. Gimme wings over twin panel sails and geometry over powered ballast any day
  15. 906 or do you mean 916? 916 still a bit temperamental in the mechanical stakes, but but beautiful. Lifted their game after that. My preference is 848/848 Evo nearly as much show but a lot more reliable go.
  16. LR definitely took the foot off the, ETNZ got a nice puff. Another beat?? LR sit on them and win by a 20+secs
  17. Because the other aggressive skipper comes after you, sits in your wind from above, comes at your from below, treats you like a cat does a mouse, completely stuffs your max VMG, you miss the start by 10 sec with them sitting above you (or below) pouring shit from a great height. Race over.
  18. Re Gap: Cant remember who , but someone AC related once commented that even turds are tapered. ie gap = drag They seem to have been fiddling with that area an awful lot. Changes weekly almost. Possible they are not really happy with some aspect of the main control and having gone the boomless route, now have to live with its limitations.
  19. ??? Really! Gap between sails, bits sticken out. Thought it looked a bit 'hula' compared to the very clean LR main control setup
  20. NZ PM has just announced a week long lockdown of Auckland due to an outbreak of the virus. https://www.smh.com.au/world/oceania/auckland-to-head-into-week-long-lockdown-tomorrow-ardern-20210227-p576eo.html
  21. Wow. Is that the deck cover dangling above to the left?
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