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  1. It's only my experience speaking, but stainless and carbon in a saltwater environment is just a battery, and the stainless always loses. Buzz Ballenger of Ballenger masts will agree with this statement. On the periodic table of the elements it doesn't seem like they would interact, but it will eventually turn FD parts to dust, and make them rough and unusable in the meantime. Even having a layer of electrical tape between the two is a good start, but again, titanium is the way to go, and it's been my experience that it's a nightmare to work with, work hardening as you drill, making it slower
  2. Hey kids; if there's anyone on here that is in Turks and Caicos and sails, I'd love to go for a ride... been sailing all my life, and I own a Flying Dutchman, so dinghies are definitely on the menu, especially high performance ones. I'm going to be heading down with my family for about 2 weeks on Sunday. Thought I'd ask, low expectation of a taker, but if you don't throw out the line, you won't catch any fish!
  3. Hello kids of Anarchy! I am a volunteer for Footloose Sailing in Seattle; we take disabled people of all kinds sailing. We have acquired a Harbor 20 for our club, it's refurbished at the factory in San Diego, and we need to get it up to Seattle. The first quote we got was $1.40 per mile! Eeep! Thought I'd throw it out there to see if there were any Anarchists doing the run. We are a 503c non-profit, so it may actually be tax-deductible, as well. There's no mad rush, as we are not doing a lot of sailing, but there's a good chance we will by year's end. Boat is pictured below
  4. I've used these guys for the reflective lettering... it really pops, especially when trailering or low light. Streetglo They also have an online tool to see what it will look like.
  5. So you have an FD! Woot Woot! I own "The Wounded Moose Deuce" -- and I suspect that I "raced" against the Flying Tomato in Santa Cruz a long time ago, if it was the same one, something like 80 gallons of water gushed out on the beach after racing. Putting the name on the side is best, I think for FD. Noone can see the back, anyway, and on my Lindsay, there isn't any back, just a big open hole. Post a pic of your boat! !
  6. Let's imagine for a moment that knew what the hell I was talking about when it comes to foiling. (I don't) But as a dingy sailor, the UFO looks like it has all the benefits: stability off the foils, retractability for easy launch, a rig that isn't complicated, nor foils to cut you in half when you swing around/ fall/ move. Its cheap in price, high in quality, and IMHO set to be the "people's foiler" that gets bandied around. The goal is always to have other boats to compete against, and this one meets so many of the points that people are looking for, so... IMHO the UFO would be my c
  7. https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/boa/6097420787.html I know, Tempest's aren't dinghies, but they are close. I think 3000 dollars is a "bit" high, like 10x too high!
  8. That's a Ballenger deck; I fwded it to him. Must be difficult for you guys to see your hard work rotting away in a field somewhere. The trailer is worth more than that boat, I'm afraid, but that wouldn't stop an idiot like me from fixing that boat up. Let's face it: The FD is hands down the queen of dinghies.
  9. I know, not a dinghy, but still, 300 bucks for a Cal20 with sails and a trailer? Hmm. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/5959244478.html
  10. Dave this is awesome... please let me help promote it on the West Coast when there's a chance.
  11. constantly futzing on the FD.

  12. is pumped about FD Nationals!

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