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  1. The Chicago Tribune always chops off the first 2 panels!
  2. I grew up with the Lions. Caddied for Chuck Schmidt. He hit the ball like a lady.
  3. Pretty sure that AbbVie would love to have Humira approved as a Covid drug!
  4. Did the box have TRUMP on the side of it?
  5. The sandbox my firm plays in instituted a vaccine mandate. First shot due by September 1st, need to be fully vaccinated by October 15th. We had one employee that was granted a religious exemption and one lost her job because she did not want the shot. She is now in the hospital with Covid.
  6. Mail in voting! The USPS is a federal institution. Why would a Federal Institution not be able to handle a Federal Election? Instead we should pass it off to the states? Who then pass it off to a local election board? Who then pass it off to ???
  7. why does the length of the line matter?
  8. We have early voting in Illinois. I have waited in line on more than one occasion. I suppose I could have walked out and returned another day, but could have to wait in line then as well.
  9. Hope the funeral isn’t a Covid spreading event.
  10. KSB, if you are of the opinion that we do nothing and that Covid will just “disappear” on its own, then just say it’s done get it over with. I’ve asked you on numerous occasions what your idea of a plan is to get us out of the current pandemic. You have ignored my question each time. Cut the bullshit and give us your solution, or just go away.
  11. So what is your agenda and proposed plan of action? This is the 4th time I’ve asked you this question.
  12. Hobot, did they give you one of these in your hospital swag bag?
  13. Why does Nagy still have a job? A QB whisperer he is not.
  14. But will they just die off or will they become mutant zombies first? I think I’ve seen this movie!
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