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  1. Have to agree. We replaced all the LED cabin lights our boat came with with Alpenglows and they look fantastic, 100% improvement. Warm color in the cabin, great looking lights too. They weren't cheap but we couldn't be happier.
  2. While spending a few days on the boat with the wife recently we (ok I) ran out of propane for the stove. No morning coffee = panic time. We have an Origo 5100 Heat Pal we use once in a while as a cabin heater; we cooked on it for two days no problem. I was amazed how well it worked. Too bad I have to get the fuel from out of state, no dn alcohol sold in Fornia.
  3. I loved those videos, really great stuff. Thank you Ed Bummer to know they can't continue.
  4. Call Domenic, these guys may not have a huge fleet but they are very active and may be able to help: https://usitalongbeach.org/ Cheers
  5. Great coverage! Thanks for posting.
  6. https://www.portandterminal.com/latest-video-photos-one-apus-makes-port-battered-and-missing-1816-containers/?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Wednesday_Edition__Latest_VideoPhotos_MV_ONE_Apus_makes_port_Battered_and_missing_1816_containers__VIDEO_This_is_not_an_optical_illusion_The_Seesicht_Skulptur_in_Switzerland__Scalper_bots_are_snatching_PlayStations_Xboxes_from_online_shoppers__MORE&utm_medium=email
  7. Ed Congrats, that is a great looking boat! Super clean. Good luck with her, have fun. Rob W.
  8. In the 1969 book Defending the America's Cup Bob McCullough writes they put an Intrepid style "kicker" on Constellation. There is also a picture in the book of a kicker on Columbia. I think that is Intrepid in the FP photo, Constellation and Columbia didn't have a cove stripes.
  9. I saw a Dehler 46 over at Catalina last weekend. I thought it was a really great looking boat. The others, with the big square windows in the topsides, enough! Especially when they are different sizes and look randomly placed, gawd.
  10. I can't believe how some of the people that work on boats have no concept of the proper way to use a cleat, much less understand a spring line. If we have any work done on our boat I have to make sure I drop by at the end of the day and tie it back up properly. Yes I have brought it to their attention, many times. Ugh
  11. 15 years or so ago I met Ari through work, we worked on a project together. He always seemed like a good dude to me and my team liked him. He was easy to work with. Never went sailing with him although we talked about it a lot.
  12. Actually I don't think the CDC has gone that far yet. They still recommend use of a mask if you are sick. I'm sure its coming though.
  13. Man, that is sad. A few years ago my company operated a marine terminal at Pier 80 in San Francisco. Stopped by one day and while having a drive around the place saw a couple of Oracle guys cutting up Sayonara. That was sad, she looked to have been kept in great shape.
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