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  1. We have Vivid white with Graphite. Comes out a nice light grey. Sanded out to a mirror finish. On year 2 and still looking good. Will do next bottom job the same Done by Evodio at Driscolls in Mission Bay.
  2. Any concerns about all that salt water up the inside of the mast?
  3. Anyone know what happened to Moonshadow?
  4. I had the same one as you with the same problem. I was able to clean the bearing and blow it out successfully.
  5. vdm

    what is it?

    Not, Apogee didn't have a wheel.
  6. Yup, Chance 30-30, made by Allied Marine
  7. Congrats on the new boat. Raced against Doc Holiday on Aquarius lots growing up and they were always the boat to beat. Still a great looking boats.
  8. We have only used it for deliveries, have not had any problems with it but have not used it in any heavy weather or in big seas. 1D35 has a solid rudder tube, I don't think you would want to cut it.
  9. Have a Simrad TP-10 on a 1D35. Only used for deliveries but has been pretty good. Mounted in Cockpit. Not interfaced with instruments.
  10. Hendo 30 about 1/3 the displacement of your boat. Sure this will be strong enough? Can you reinforce the Hendo blade?
  11. I have one of these, drilled and put a drain hose in the reservoir. Set it on the counter with the drain hose in the sink. Leave the power supply over the stove in case it gets hot (never has). Seems to keep the inside of the boat very dry, but we are in socal so not that cold or wet.
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