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  1. I actually think that really was soanya. It seemed sincere. Soanya, I apologize for calling you retarded. It just hard to fathom that youve had sexual intercourse with Reid Stowe.
  2. 1) im convinced see must be mildly (or moderately) retarded. 2) and yes, shes young and fairly skinny, and could show up in cabo or the med and hitch a ride on a real vessel in exchange for sex. yet she chose Weid and the Cheese Scow. Again see #1.
  3. f-aseawolf, its cvt's 26th birthday today- the best match racer in jthe good ole U S of A!!!!!! shife- wtf? train wreck? more like Best Thread Ever.
  4. Does anyone find it a bit ironic, that this thread, quite possibly one of the most popular in the history of the internet, was started by someone with only a handful of posts. also considering how this place treats noobs. Also, I've started using the term hovian in everyday life. Its spreading too, a couple people at work and my GF are now using it!!!
  5. LMAO RD!!!! Has anyone ever broached the subject of Soysauce being learning disabled or mildly retarded? No joking, I think she may be... those video interviews, and her blog entries, seems like she has the mental capacity of a 8-10 year old.
  6. Thanks Pete... The people that attempt to police this thread, like they own it have got to be some of the weirdest, loneliest losers.... ever. Get a fucking life. Go sailing for crissakes. The weather here in SF is great... looking fwd to ryc this weekend.
  7. Dude, I know what a hovian is from the fucking context. Obviously im asking where the term originated from. Dumbass.
  8. nope, dont have the time. just tell me what a hovian is, and i'll leave your thread alone
  9. anyone who points out grammer errors on threads on the internet, is nothing but an asshat. Asymptote, why all the negativity? Are you a pencil dick too, and feel the need to speak up for your fellow pencil dick breatheren?
  10. u must be quite the pencil dick if your ex was horny, and you werent able to satisfy her! ...ive never seen a woman masturbate, everytime im around an aroused a horny women they would rather have me then just do it themselves. maybe thats why she's your ex!
  11. Wouldnt that be assumption of risk? Weed could probably claim diminished capacity as well...
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