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  1. Can they not make an Isle of Wight challenge an open invite fleet race with some points that carry over to the subsequent challenge proper in Auckland - and new challengers can be offered a chance to progress direct by sailing and competition or even a wildcard entry to a Challenger pre-selection. Older version boats in the isle race could be given a handicap?
  2. Some interesting research papers on foiling kiteboard analysis on this site - do any of the board designs resemble the AC hulls? https://www.instagram.com/aerohydrotech/
  3. Just had a crazy thought - what’s to stop having pilot Pete in a see through canopy in the bow of the boat - would improve aero and complete the fighter analogy!
  4. Can we envisage a mini transat with a carbon skeleton swing keel foils and rig fixed to it with the hull only inflatable -the shape and plumb bows remind me of a foiling sup...
  5. for inspiration check out this foil board the Gong Hipe - carbon base and inflatable upper - imagine a rudder and foil / centreboard / keel base in carbon and an inflatable upper structure
  6. Here's a crazy challenge - with inflatable / soft / cross over surf, kite and foiling windsurf boards on the market that come ever closer to matching the performance and durability of traditionally constructed boards, might a 25 - 30 foot inflatable or RHIB style foiling centre board or keeler yacht be doable / practical over time - trailers could be much smaller, marinas could simply have storage lockers and high flow pumps available, furthermore electrical outboards could provide power to get out of the marina - rigging would need to be speedy and simple - and interior and deckgear basic, bu
  7. Recall finals race 2 in the last cup - ETNZ took off sailed into a hole, Oracle caught up a 500m deficit on two short upbeat legs only to muck up a gyre and fall back 500m in one gibe straight line sped - getting up and staying up on foils all come into it but iat what level of priority given the much more variable conditions in Auckland - including tide can”t wait for two to line up in anger
  8. Wonder if pumping the main is going to be part of popping on foils in marginal conditions of say 5 knots... again a parallel with windsurf foiling?
  9. The trend in foiling windsurf race boards like the starboard 177 is blunt bow wide and voluminous
  10. As sailor of cloggy descent still find it a shame they have not gone with a Flying Dutchman theme that could have international appeal for funding - the dark horse and pirate imago let alone the black magic mystique of the myth could have so many wonderful angles to base a team culture and funding around...
  11. At normal speeds it would be depowering, but the holy grail not found yet would be for an inverted head to have a windward force benefit against the normal lean of a monohull, and possibly even reductions in drag in the rig and below the water in the foils - flat is fast...
  12. http:// https://www.google.com.au/search?q=flying+dutchman&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-au&client=safari#imgrc=Wnoe0uwEOIeRKM:
  13. Yep first challenge but long involvement in design dating back decades to Australia II and proud ancient pedigree in naval development - Flying Dutchman, anyone.
  14. In windsurfers the trend for light wind boards is short and very stubby - interestingly for foiling windsurfers too this is the trend - match this with a proportional large canting sailplan and you essentially have an oversized overscaled foiling dinghy not unlike a windsurfer very fast very skittish and very unstable but foiling up and downwind should be feasible - the atlas moth AC class? A and the holy grail of course again foiling tacks and gybes...
  15. Hey hog at least ETNZ and RNZYs do not have to contort and prostitute themselves like Oracle and Ggyc to get this level of challenger interest this early!
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