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  1. Spent an afternoon next to Bob Fisher sailing out past Point Loma on Gracie, a Doug Peterson daysailer with double trapezes. This was in 1980(?) and we sailed with Doug, John Reichel, and Kerry Geraghty (the builder). Bob was full of wit and questions - down to the size of the cooler on the boat and whether it had sufficient capacity. The sport was lucky to have him as a voice and a spokesperson.
  2. Yes - old pics found. Name that harbor (for you lake sailors)....
  3. One of Scaramouche's sister - Dyna in Newport circa 1970. Other sisters were Aura, Bay Bea, Bandit/Falcon. CCA was still the rule when S&S drew these lines.
  4. That's Eileen from Goetz Boats refinishing the cabin house. She was one sassy hell-on-wheels boat builder. I used to lust after her Carmen Ghia.........
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