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  1. Yes to Santa Cruz and that was 2004 Worlds at the Gybe Mark
  2. Here is a pretty easy one..
  3. Super easy, the guys are integrated and do not have to be attached and do not come back into the boat, just the sheets. Although you can have a fine tune if you desire... All you do is pull the "in use" pole out when you set, release to gybe and pull out the new pole. It is a lot of fittings, but super easy to use.
  4. It would appear the boat was sailed in the '77 Worlds by Dennis Surtess and Jay Kuncl https://5o5.iworks.pl/fleet-boat/5973/
  5. Don't over think it, wire is fine and much more consistent in use. We probably run no more than 300lbs on the shrouds. Just taking the slack out of the 6:1 on the rail.
  6. Gate starts remove the problem of being over early...
  7. Looking good! Good luck with the knee.
  8. This is an interesting topic, for me it starts with goals, then how to achieve them. All of that starts long before the boat gets wet. I believe in general we train harder than we race, the goal of the training is to make the racing easy so that you see the opportunities. Generally we sail the boat reasonably well, but before the last World Championship we did we felt our tacking was poor. We decided that we were going to spend that day with a short session with as many tacks as we could, working on all the steps until we were back to the level we needed. The bonus was a fun, long downwind whe
  9. Wow! That is a huge amount of work. Looking forward to seeing the boat after the work is done.
  10. Yes, just cut it in the middle!
  11. No question the split sheet is way better!
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