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  1. Hey Hobot - welcome back. When you get back to your laptop, it would be good if the images you upload are at a higher definition / slightly larger size. Allow you to really blow up the picture and see the details. The current ones are good, but sometimes you want more. I know that some people are bandwidth constrained, so not too large - just a bit larger. Really enjoy the pics.
  2. Must say - loved being able to look at the data from Boris - so refreshing to have some real insights to boat config and perf. This is a bit sad :
  3. Looks like we may get a livestream now -
  4. Hi Stief, How did you get those layers to show up in Windy? Cannot see them anywhere in the console... Is it Windy you are using?
  5. Amazing work Pip - changing the rudder on approach to Cape Horn will always be remembered as a standout achievement. Watching the Volvo guys do it at as a team vs her doing it by herself - amazing. And full kudos to her boat dude for instigating or planning the 'dry' run. Hopefully Alex sends her a note of congratulations and watches the video to learn the process... And for Clarisse - seeing her do it hard - showing herself doing it hard - while it may be a media strategy in itself - actually earns a lot of respect from me. Nobody loves a first-timer that is just IGing happy, poli
  6. A bit of a concerning slow down on the Coq over the last 4 hours - or it could just be a slow sail change and getting used to new conditions on the new course. Average 8-ish knots over 4 hours...
  7. Forecast looks pretty great for the bigger boats. 24 hours of decent Northerlies on ECMWF at the moment. The 33 hours LH could have been in danger - depending on the timing of the Southerly. Probably would have suited a WOXI more than a Comanche with a lot of deep running. Lots of ifs, obviously. I can almost picture Mark Richard preening on a channel seven interview, speculating about a record time on the 'old girl'. And asking the chopper to stay away from the electronics pre-start.... Yes I know there is no race, no WOXI, no Comanche, no MR!
  8. Thanks. Shit delivery weather - building Northerly till half way 'across' Bass Straight, then a Southerly. 24 or 36 hours delay would have made a big difference.
  9. Has anyone got the link to the actual report? I can find the link to the terms of reference, but google is not helping with the review itself. https://www.sailing.org.au/news/independent-review-into-the-loss-of-lce-showtime-and-rescue/ DD - leaving aside the keel bolt issues, it sounds like Showtime and yourselves had a tough crossing. Was it an unexpected shortening of a weather window that meant you got walloped at the end? Did the forecast change en route? Was it a classic delivery to schedule issue? I am still haviung troubles reconcilling the fact that the summary implies that t
  10. Nice, thanks. Feature requests: A filter oprion so you can select one or more boats (or skippers) and just see their videos Some statistics on videos per (skipper / boat) - eg minutes of video per week Add youtube links so that a click: Opens in new Window with selected video size (full screen, etc.) Automatically turns on auto-translate or standard transalte if avaialable in a selected language (do-able?) Cheers!
  11. Australia, Tasmania, National Park, World Heritage area, isolated outpost with almost no medical or evacuation support, COVID, a yacht NOT in distress, wanting to do some 'repairs' within 3nm. Remind me what part of needing to negotiate access into these waters impinges on 'freedom'? Stief - What did you actually expect?
  12. He must be on the "good mates, express deliver" setup though. The rest of the customers got a note explaining that COVID was delaying cotton and canvas shipments, hence their sails were delayed "just a little longer".
  13. He'd have to use the outrigges on the side for that Tuna! Hopefully Herman has integrated the drag for the trolling into the polars...
  14. What's the black strut that comes out aft/vertically from between the sat domes?
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