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  1. I also thought that bigger race course and larger boundaries would be better for nicer races, navigation etc. but now I also realized that in that case a small straight line speed difference would be enough to win the race. With larger race course we would probably be 4-0 (but I do not know for whom )
  2. I just do not agree with most on how the benefit would have been small.....we now know that if luna rossa passed in front could probably control and win race 1 it is not a trade off between 50 mts advantege to 150 lost...it is a trade off between in front and winning/ behind and following... If New Zealand looks hit hard after losing race two, imagine if JS fauled PB 20 sec in the first race and LR went to win race 1...would have been a real shocking knock out for the team (and many friends on this forum ) and PB would still be shaking now
  3. Comments here in Italy saying LR choose the wrong jib in race 1 (too big)
  4. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/powerful-73-earthquake-hits-new-zealand-sparks-tsunami-warning Hope everybody safe and that boats are out of water
  5. I was just thinking that if teams were allowed to train and NZ is already in the water training and developing after the last races, maybe they feel like they are behind or close? (meaning that if NZ felt strong there probably would have been a stop for everyone... )
  6. Didn't see it yet here, sorry if already posted
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