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  1. Check the drains in the seal around the floor hatch behind the wheel. If the drains are plugged rain water will enter the hatch.
  2. He damaged the hydro generators in the South when surfing over 20 kts. Perhaps he is concerned now that speeds are frequently over 20 kts.
  3. Looks like The wind has gone back and Boris dropped the j2. Up to 20 kts https://exocet.cloud/grafana/d/bsbc_5MGz/malizia-public-dashboard?orgId=15&from=now-24h&to=now&theme=dark&kiosk
  4. Is it possible to use the polars to simulate a transpac race? Not sure how to get historical weather for the race date, but it would be interesting to know what a modern IMOCA potential would be for the down wind slide. There was a video on Comanche’s transatlantic record run where Stan Honey talked about routing weather for years of historical data. Pretty cool.
  5. Alex should stop on Tristan da Cunha. Forecast 10 kts south wind on Sunday. Grab a pint at the Albatross Bar.
  6. 40 kt delivery - that is an improvement over my experience.
  7. Looks like boat number 2 took a left.
  8. What is the lead time for a mast like that?
  9. 45 footer mentioned by Stu?
  10. What does it look like at SSYC today?
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