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  1. Not able to get through the proper challenger series, so Ineos is buying a spot in the cup..
  2. European for sure (the flag) German or Polish..
  3. I love the content, and agree that it's not because it's on Internet that it has to be free. Stuff of value have a price. And more than willing to contribute. I'm glad to be one of the first one to have done so. Same reason why I do contribute to the Tally'Ho project as well.
  4. 100% aligned... Ainsley is simply not a good syndicate/team person.
  5. Because they are sailor and not software engineer.. How many time do you call a bug, when in fact you don't know how to use a software..
  6. That's something you do when the sun is up... otherwise it's called night sailing..
  7. Plaster on a wooden leg...
  8. People would now it by now if V&V was a trustable source...
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